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kensuke's kingdom

No description

Madhiyalagan Krishnan

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of kensuke's kingdom

Long time ago there was a 12 year old boy named Michael .One day his parents were fired from there job so Michael's dad bought a boat called"Peggy Sue" .
In this chapter Michael describes his routines and responsibilities while he and his family are living on the boat .
Michael describes the countries and continents they had visited until Michael and Stella are washed away .
Michael and Stella suddenly noticed that they were washed ashore on a deserted island .They were out looking for food,and water but they did not find anything. Then Michael finds fruit,fish,and water that was left for him.Then he started a fire and through the smoke he saw a man shaped figure.
Then through the smoke he meets Kensuke who speaks foreign language.Kensuke didn't let Michael light a fire.Kensuke gave Michael half the island and Kensuke the rest.
Michael sees another ship but has no way to signal the boat.Michael then meets an orangutan that faced horrible storms while Michael plans to signal the boat.When Michael starts a signal Kensuke takes it apart.Michael was really mad so he went into the ocean and saw a jellyfish and got badly injured.
Kensuke then saves Michael from the horrible accident and nurses him back to health. Kensuke teaches Michael to fish and paint.Michael teaches Kensuke about English.
Kensuke tells Michael about his life story.He also talks about growing up in Japan,being a doctor,having a family in Nagasaki,and going to the war.Kensuke also recalled that a bomb has hit Japan and everyone died.So Kensuke decides to stay on the island because he thinks his wife Kimi and his son Michiya has died.Then he said that he was the person who saved Michael and Stella when they went over board.
Kensuke finds the bottle Michael had threw out to sea and promises him to help him get home.One night Kensuke wakes up Michael to help baby turtles go out to sea.
Michael helps Kensuke gathers the orangutans from the hunters.Michael is now rescued by his parents but didn't tell them about Kensuke because he promised Kensuke not to. In the postscript Michael receives a letter from Kensukes son Michiya.
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