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Learn all about this exciting program by Inner South Community Health Service

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Transcript of What is SOCIAL SPOONS?

Inner South Community Health Service presents: What are the aims of
Social Spoons? To increase members' participation in community life

To increase members' confidence and knowledge in accessing local services

To increase the capacity of cafes to support people who are socially isolated

To improve community attitudes towards marginalised members of the community

Improve social cohesion amongst the wider community

Increase physical health amongst socially isolated people "...being part of normality. When you're by yourself you tend to social isolation and having a place to go where...you can join in the activities with other people and feel as though you're part of it, is very um uplifting to the spirit and good for mental health and so forth" "I like the whole idea of it helping
people that are disconnected to try and sort of become involved in ... what you and I and most of us ... would just consider average daily life" "As soon as you help someone
who really needs help, you're
helping two people"

socialspoons@ischs.org.au Some quotes from members "I feel a little bit nervous and anxious
when I am by myself but not too bad and its
getting better with each time that I
come here" What is Social Spoons? Social Spoons is a program that offers socially isolated people in our community an opportunity to have subsidised cafe meals at supportive and welcoming cafes in their local area.

The meal subsidy is an incentive to encourage members to dine with others, and link them into existing programs and health services to promote social cohesion amongst our broader community.

Social Spoons is an initiative of Inner South Community Health Service in Melbourne Australia. Who are the
Social Spoons cafes? South Melbourne: Cafe Zappa and Bunyip Cafe
St Kilda: Cafe Bruce Why was Social Spoons developed?
Social networks influence our self esteem, coping effectiveness, depression, distress and sense of wellbeing

In suburban Australia, people with low income and education levels are less involved in social activities

There are pockets of extreme disadvantage in our local Port Phillip and Stonnington area. These pockets are ranked amongst the most disadvantaged in the state Socially connected people are healthier! Early evaluation shows Social Spoons has been found to:

improve community cohesiveness
improve access to food
be rewarding for cafe owners

Members are
eating more frequently
eating better quality foods
cooking more at home
inspired by café menus to try new foods
more confident in ‘mainstream’ community

Social connections have been made
member attended a community event for the first time
member invited a Social Spoons volunteer to spend Christmas day together
member is ready to think about making some friends
member started new program focusing on personal development - building confidence and communication skills What's in it for
the members? Members can access up to two subsidised meals per week for 6 months in a "socially inclusive" cafe where they feel welcomed

They are linked with support people at the health centre to help them get more involved in their community during and beyond their time on the program What's in it for
the cafes? Contribution towards a healthier and more connected community

Promotion as a socially-conscious business

Increased business, directly and indirectly What can you do? Visit Social Spoons partner cafes to support socially minded businesses

Acknowledge that it's not so easy for some people to step into a new cafe and community environment. Help others to feel welcome and accepted in their community.

Show your support by liking us on Facebook

Contact us on socialspoons@ischs.org.au if you have any comments or can recommend future funding sources to keep this amazing program alive!! How were the
cafes chosen? Is it working? Some quotes from cafe staff “It doesn’t interfere with the rest
of your business which is the best part,
you’re doing something good without
leaving the shop” "It’s been good to socialise somewhat, cause I didn’t have a social outlet before, or anyone to talk to or have a coffee with or anything, I didn’t have anything like that before"
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