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The Argument

No description

laura dowdy

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of The Argument

Don`t let people cross the U.S. border!
By: Aidan
This is about that immigrants are crossing over the border wall illegally from Mexico. And this happening because they are trying to escape war and violence. And most of them are kids!
And then when people found out they started up rumor that the U.S. and some said that when they found out that the border was weakly guarded they snuck past. Also a gang called coyotes sneak people past the border for money! Another reason is that people are moving is because of drugs and gangs [or as I call them VILLIONS!].
So let’s get this over with. Here’s other reasons that why. Some of the kids have police records. Like come on who would want kids that have been in kid jail? Another reason is that some are abused, robbed or killed along the way. And if the U.S. wants to help them why not protect them in their own country?

So this the reason the U.S. should not let people come over illegally.

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