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Reflections on a pilot study

Presentation to my fellow PhD researchers at the University of Leeds (School of Education).

Ibrar Bhatt

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Reflections on a pilot study

ibrar bhatt Reflections on my pilot study What is a pilot study? The study of the practicalities and feasibility of certain components of the PhD
often its data gathering methods, the types and amounts of data these can yield, and a piloting of analytical techniques.
a ‘dress rehearsal’ of data collection techniques and analysis to test out the proposed questions
a trial run under realistic conditions, helping me to find out how the field - and indeed its participants - reacts to the whole process,
its analysis could even be incorporated into the final thesis. with observations of the site and an interview with the participant What I did ... ethical issues
the right software (costs, functionality, etc)
a clearer idea of analysis
helps make the case in the upgrade/transfer
motivates you, as you feel like you're getting 'stuck in' Lessons learnt Managed to present on my pilot study in:
a student conference
and an international conference on Educational Media
Proceedings published, and a paper submitted
I have ideas of other ventures, but priority is the upgrade!
Making the case for the practicability and viability of the project My experience multimodal 'capturing' of the writing activities
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