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No description

Federica Protti

on 6 July 2012

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Transcript of es

"The Problem"
the competitors
looking for
the strenght
the team
toys market
the target
"Esopo is a solution to keep children quiet during roadtrip.
Esopo provides children with games and stories context-related and involves all the family in the journey".
"Toys and devices that are not fixed in the car could become dangerous in case of car accident".
Human Factor Expert
Scientific Direction
Interaction Engineering Division
Commercial Direction
wealthy families interested in safety and children's education
"Toy sales
grew 2%
In 2009 americans spent averaged
280$ per child
on toys
In 2010 nearly 2 in 3 americans
didn't plan on changing their toy budgets!
toy manifacture
video game designer
Human Machine Interaction Group - Modena e Reggio Emilia University

Federica Protti (PhD Candidate)
Esopo is safe

Esopo contents are related to what happens outside the window

Esopo contents are designed to prevent car sickness
e.g. If you're driving in the countryside and pass near a castle it will tell you a legend related to it!
In 2001 the American Automobile Association reported that
young children in the car were one of the leading causes of driver-distraction crashes.
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