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Modern Art

No description

Kathleen Lowry

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Modern Art

Modern Art By: Kathleen Lowry Abstract took over the world! Something that is APART from concrete realities or objects Classical Greece ROMAN EMPIRE Rome, Italy Then came the Paris, France showed traditional and academic artwork ONLY! UNTILL......... Impressionism Artists, like Claude Monet, painted the light off of objects. Impression Sunrise Then... Post Impressionism! Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Paul Cezanne Henri Matisse It all began with... Who influenced the Renaissance Era The French Salon Beginning with Paul Gaugin Georges Seurat Painted with tiny dots Moved to Tahiti to paint Him and a few other artists were labeled "Fauves" (wild beasts) in the Salon d' Automne with their AVANTE GUARD paintings. painted with BOLD patterns and bright colors had the biggest influence on Pablo Picasso..... Pablo Picasso Madrid, Spain Who influenced: Picasso created most of his artwork in Paris, France Known for his three periods of art Blue Rose Classical His painting "The Ladies of Avignon" was considered the First Cubist painting CUBISM Change it.... rearrange it! Shows different 3-d angles on a 2-d surface Georges Braque Violin and Candlestick Picasso's painting showed what happened in Spain, 1937 Guernica ....and was moved to New York, NY New York, NY Guernica was shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1939 Spain Salvador Dali Major artist associated with Surrealism in the art world. Surrealist used ideas from the subconscious mind when creating their artwork Persistence of Memory 1931 Rene' Magritte "This is not a pipe" Another famous surrealist is Belgium Dada also starts to manifest in America beginning in New York. Back in New York City the Armory show takes place in 1913, which is a leading art fair of international and contemporary art. Dada has three principles about changing the "conventional" attitudes about art. The artists wanted to shock and see how far art could be pushed in America. A famous dada artist who raised a lot of fuss over his artwork was Marcel Duchamp. His artwork "Fountain" was one of the many to cause this uproar. F
N Museum of Modern Art
(MOMA) Located in Manhattan, New York and opened in 1929 and displays an overview of modern and contemporary art. Midwest and Regionalism Regionalism showed the landscape of Midwest USA Grant Wood is a famous regionalist artist who portrayed the rolling hills of this terrain His most famous artwork is American Gothic Young Corn Harlem Renaissance During the 1920's, African American citizens were encouraged to fulfill their life/talent potential The Harmon Foundation was established in 1922 and helped African American artists gain recognition. Famous Harlem Renaissance Artists Palmer Hayden The Janitor Who Paints Abstract Expressionism takes over the art world after World War II taking place mainly in New York City. For abstract expressionists, painting expressed deep psychological and spiritual meaning about being human Artists Mark Rothko Jackson Pollock William de Kooning Lavender Mist Aaron Douglas Jacob Lawrence The Great Depression ends the Harlem Renaissance in 1930 and continues till the 1940's Painted the Moulin Rouge
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