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Religions of Southwest Asia (Middle East)

This is about the religions in Southwest Asia (Middle East). The religions that are in here is Isiam, Judaism, and Christianity. Hope you like. :p

Cameron Thomas

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Religions of Southwest Asia (Middle East)

By: Elizabeth Baker, Cameron Thomas, Katie Bryens, Jamie Ward Bloom's Ball Performance Task
Mr. Hanson
2nd 2. Religions of Southwest Asia 1. What Is Mecca ? Who is Jesus? who is Muhammad?
Who was Abraham > Jesus was believed to be the son of God by Christians

>Muhammad was believed to be a prophet of Allah by Muslims. There were a few monotheistic religions in his time, but having one god was still a fairly new concept.

> Abraham was believed to be the first practitioner of the Jewish religion; Islamic and Christianity can be traced back to him. Contacts 3. Where in Southwest Asia do Jews, Muslims,
Christians live? 4. E-Mail
Look a This! :P Mecca is the Islamic religion’s holiest city. Muhammad was born and raised here, and this is where he got his start with Islam. 5. Choose one religion and tell about it's important beliefs and customs. Some Jewish beliefs and customs are strange to other people; people of different religions may not understand them. Perhaps that’s why the Holocaust began. One of beliefs is that the ingestion of swine or seafood is unholy. A custom is to wear hats or caps on their heads, to remind them always of Yahweh. 6. Choose two religious groups. Name one similarity and one difference. There are many differences between the Jewish and Islam religions, yet, as is the same with all religions, there are also some similarities. One thing they have in common is the ability to trace their roots in one way or another back to Abraham. One difference in this is that Muhammad was the founder of the Islamic religion and had no connections whatsoever to Judaism. 5. Explain the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group. If i were a Muslim at the age of eight years and eight months, i would be considered an adult and eligible for marriage. I would be worth half as much as a man, and I would have no control of my life. My father would decide when to chose my husband and I would than have to obey that man. Disobediance could cost me my life.
If i were a Muslim woman, I would be a prisoner. An ethnic group consists of a group of people who share a common thing, like origins or religion. A religious group consists only of people who share the same gods or religious beliefs. 8. Write three questions you have about one of the religious groups. find the answers and record. Katie: why do Muslims cover up so much? Eizabeth: Allah commands it in the Quran as he says to lower their gaze and be modest. This rule applies to both men and women. Katie: why do Muslims pray five times a day? katie: Why is that stone in Mecca so important? Elizabeth: It reminds them of Allah throughout their day. Elizabeth: it's an ancient relic that dates back to the time of adam and Eve These are Katie's answers and questions. She's touchy. ;) 9. Find out the number of people in South West Asia that practice judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Create a graph. 10. How is Chritianity related to Judaism? Christianity and Judaism are both similar religions. They both, of course, share the same golden rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. They both believe in a single god, and those gods are similar in nature.
Though both have different customs and traditions, stories and histories, their main difference concerns Jesus and the belief by Christians that he is God’s son and the belief of Jews that he was merely a teacher. 11. How is Christianity related to Islam? Though Christianity and Islam aren’t so closely related as Christianity and Judaism, there are some similarities. Both are monotheistic, and both can trace their roots to a man who has been commonly mentioned in this Prezi, Abraham. 12. Tell two facts and two opinions about a religion of your choice. There are many instances in religon where truth and fact are muddled with opinions and belief. One that is easily mixed when concerning Christianity is that there is one god that is great and benevolent, when ther is no proof of this (or disproof fpr that matter). Another muddled fact when it comes to Christians is that Jesus was god's son, when he might simply have been a man. 13. Create a graphic organizer about the Kurds, Arabs, and Persians. 14. What if you practiced Judaism or Islam? How would life be different? 15. Write a short poem about one of the religious groups. Religion is a sentiment,
A balm to sooth the pain
It is nice to think there's someone else,
Watching over me.
The story goes God gave his son
For all of our sins, every single one.
His son was pure and sweet and kind
Our welfare was on his mind.
And so he hung on blood soaked cross
And the whole world felt His loss. Christianity Religion is a sentiment,
But to many it’s a life.
Help the poor; give to charity!
Do something more than simply be. 16. Write a simile for religious groups.
A religious group is like a never ending a fight and a struggle to keep the freedom to believe. 17. Create a timeline. Find the twelve most important dates from the three major Middle East religions. Christianity: BCE. 2348
Noah's Ark God flooded the Earth to rid it of evildoers, then promised never to do again. BCE 2000-1850 Abrham's Life He was to spred Religon all though his life BCE 950
The Toreh The toreh is begun to be written Christianity: CE 18-36
Jeseus Life He is the son of god that spard Christianity Jews: CE 70
The Weiling Wall The Weiling Wall becomes a Holy Place Christianity: AD 96
The Bible The last book of the Bible was written Islam: AD 622
Muhemmad To spared Islam Faith arcoss the world Islam: AD 622 Muhemmed Move Muhemmed move to Medim Islam: AD 650
The Qur'an The Qur'an is started to be written Jews: 1830 - 1945
The Holocost A mass killing of Jews that happend in Germany evaluate the practices of jews or Isilim What do think is good Islam- in my opinion- is a very complicated religion. Maybe for Muslims it easy to understand and follow, but my thoughts and emotions toward it are conflicted by biased views.
For instance, when I think of Muslims, I think of hot, dusty places, along with the mistreatment of women. Looking past this initial image- and for the time being ignoring their laws regarding women- I agree and approve with some of their beliefs. One example is modesty; I think modesty is something everyone should show and be reminded of every day. But many of their beliefs and laws were founded in a time where women were “pretty objects” and of little importance.
To many Muslims, a woman is half the worth of a man.
So, in conclusion, I think their laws concerning modesty are things many people could learn rom. I also believe their five pillars are good; they set examples for those who need them. I do not agree with many of their laws, though- especially the ones concerning women.

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