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No description

Daniel Marhelko

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of MACHINAL

Sophie Treadwell
Born 1885 in Stockton, California to European and Mexican Heritage
Great Influence on Immigration and Diversity Works
Parents divorced
Harsh lawyer father
Attended University of California at Berkley
French degree but worked on drama and writing.
Summary of Play
Based on real trial of Ruth Snyder who murdered her husband. With a great deal of media frenzy Ruth became the first women in NY State history to be executed.
Character Analysis
Analysis of Play
By: Sophie Treadwell
Project By: Daniel Marhelko
Post College
Odd Jobs
Failed acting career in LA
San Francisco Bulletin as Theatre Critc
Undercover Prostitute
New York American and New York Tribune
Mexican American Relations
Pancho Villa-"Gringo"
Married William O. McGeehan (Sports Reporter
Part of Lucy Stone League
Women's Suffrage
"Gringo" was her turning point along with learning Stanislavsky technique
"O Nightingale" produced on own and acted in.
"Plume in the Dust" resulted after suing John Barrymore for Plagerism. Based on Edgar Allen Poe.
Inspired by Ruth Snyder case
Greatest Success
Later plays: "Ladies Leave", "Love Valley" were flops
"Hope for a Harvest" was last great play.
Died February 20th, 1970
Altogether wrote 39 plays.
Gave Women a Voice
Supported hardworking Individual
Supported America's Diversity
"Hope for a Harvest"
Fought for Artistic Rights of Actors, Directors, and Playwrights.
Showed Women's hardships and fought for equality.
Broken up into 9 scenes that depict women's expectations and behaviors.
Helen Jones (Young Woman) works for George H. Jones company and lives in a materialistic world that controls her entire life since she is a female.
Set in the urban sprawl with noises all around.
She marries her boss who she can't stand because she must earn money. They have a baby that further oppreses her.
Helen has an affair with a young foreign lover who liberates her and shows her love but then abandons her.
With her freedom she kills her husband with a bottle filled with stones.
She is prosacuted, where she is found guilty after pressure from the press and society to admit her guilt
Executed in the Electric Chair
Freedom to express one's self
Society controls her own fate until she stands up and finds love.
Materialistic societies take away the love in relationships
Young Woman only married for his money even though had no love connection.
Kills husband with.
Don't know where came from symbolizing societies ignorance to the women's struggle.
What are unappealing to the young women about her husband.
"Fat and unattractive"
Press on her symbolizing the man's agressive power and a marriage she does not want to be apart of.
Can't see the ocean from the honeymoon room.
Thought she was getting something better just like her marriage.
Part of the machine of society.
Drive her to commit her crime at the trial.
Quote from play from paper, "All men are born free and entitled to the pursuit of happiness" (Treadwell 55).
Symbolizes ignorance of society and the thought control of the ideals of this society.
Wavy Hair
The jail wants to cut her hair off in the end.
But she does not let them because that would symbolize the men taking away her freedom.
Her hair is the main symbol of her independence which in the end they take away before she is killed.
Young Women
Represents oppressed woman who lives in machine of life until she breaks out.
Shows women can think and express themselves.
Told through her perspective showing hardships women face.
George H. Jones
Represents oppressive money hungry man
Forces and controls her
Makes her have a baby.
Young Woman killing him symbolizes freedom and breaking the mold of society.
Important showing past generations conforming to society and machine.
Materialistic-wants her daughter to marry for money.
Important lustfull expression that young woman chooses to live with.
Liberates her expression.
Gives her a taste of love and freedom that is taken away leading to she resorts to killing to reach it.
Why Important?
Fight for Women's Equality.
Provides great creativity for blocking and technical ideas.
Great example of overlying stacato diction.
Deals with feminist issues and concerns that still are prevelent in today's soceity.
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