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Sudden Infant Death Syndrom

Priscilla Quiroz

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
(SIDS) What is SIDS? This syndrome claims the lives
of about 2,500 infants every year in the United States alone. Keep your baby in a
environment!! Why Would You Choose
This Disease? DO YOUR PART! Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS proves to be very frightening,
but there are ways to prevent
this terrible thing from
happening... but how?? Since 1992 the rates of SIDS has gone down extremely. However, it still remains in great numbers. MAKE IT KNOWN! By: Priscilla
Quiroz This Is The Sudden Death of Babies
Who Are Under The Age Of 1 year. Though there has been much research done on this disease, there is still no known cause of it. This Is The Sudden Death of Babies
Who Are Under The Age Of 1 year. Throughout the years doctors have done much research on this syndrome.
They believe that it can be cause by many factors such as,
Problems waking up.
The baby's body not being able to detect a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood. Also known as Crib Death Time To Search For Answers.. Personal Connection -Cousin
-Friend of the family 1. Babies should NEVER lay on their stomach while sleeping. Allowing babies to sleep on their stomach OR side
can make it difficult of the baby to breath. 2. Babies should NEVER sleep in a crib filled with stuffed animals, fluffy pillows or blankets. They also should not sleep on couches. Stuffed animals, and soft pillows or blankets could smother the baby causing him to suffocate. Instead the babies crib should contain a firm mattress. ~Sleeping~ ~Sleeping~ Sometimes it is good to let your baby sleep with a pacifier. Does not always occur while infant is sleeping in a crib. Bibliography It is not recommended to let your baby sleep on an adult bed. -Suffocating in soft bedding, such as, pillows, thick quilts, or comforters

-Falling and becoming trapped between the bed and wall, or between the bed and another object

-Falling from an adult bed onto piles of clothing, plastic bags, or other soft materials resulting in suffocation Symptoms -There really are no symptoms.

-No Warnings.

-Mainly occurs while infants are thought to be sleeping. SIDS Doctors believe that doing so allows the airway to open wider which keeps the baby from falling into a deep sleep. Arcuate Nucleus -Control breathing
and awakening.

-trigger in brain
that wakes babies

-a problem with this
could put the
infant at a greater risk for SIDS Wanted to learn more about it.
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