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george washington carver

No description

rahsaan washington

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of george washington carver

Today i will will be writing about George Washington Carver but I'm basically typing it but he was of a leader for the civil rights movement And a scientist,inventor,botanist.He created things. childhood George Washington Carver's Adult Life What i admire about him Well now you learned about george washington carver that he's a great person and what he did his whole life. Carver went to school for Tuskegee for his whole life he did ground breaking research on plant bioiogy that brought him to national prominence . many of these early expirments focused on the development of new uses for crops such as peanuts,sweet potatoes,soy beans and pecans.The hundreds of products he invented inclued , peanut,plastics,paints,dyes and even a kind of gasoline.In 1920 carver deliverd a speech before the peanut growers Association,Attesting to the wide potenital of peanuts. Carver was important because he invented things that we used today created to use peanuts for if carver wouldn't have invented things with peanuts we would not have pb& j.He lived a frugial life used his savings to establish A museum.In december 1947 A fire broke out in museum. sandwich,and peanut butter crackers ,peanut butter cookies. I admire him because we have the same last name.
He created my favorite food peanut butter!.
The last thing i admire about carver is he has the U.S.A's first president's George Washington's first name.And because Carver is smart,brave. conclusion George Washington Carver he was born during the civil wars years most likely 1864 a week after his birth he was kidnapped with his sister and mother from the carver farm by raiders from the neighboring state of arkansas What made him impotant He died in January 5 1943 at he age of 78 THE END
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