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Venture Capital

No description

Claire Pearson

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Venture Capital

7. Recommendation/Summary

Simplicities Technology, Inc.
American internet corporation
Internet related services and products
Looking to expand
CEV Consulting
Financial Services Specialist
About Venture Capital
Investing in young and upcoming company, mostly Silicon Valley
A few fund managers and company or wealthy person giving capital
If successful, VC backed company will "exit" through IPO or M&A.
Effects on the Economy
Negative Effects
Disappointing venture capital performance
Plateau-like growth of innovative startups
Declining IPOs (initial public offerings or stock market launch)

Effects on the Economy
Positive Effects
"Over the last 40 years, venture-backed companies produced $3 trillion in annual revenues, 21 percent of US GDP and 11 percent of the private-sector jobs.” (DiGiorgio and Harris, 2013)

Growth of technological innovation
Small companies to global leaders
Rapidly advancing technology
Individual capitalism
Risks of Venture Capital
High Uncertainty
Profitability and Success
VC funds normally do not report returns
Funds underperformed stock market since the tech bubble burst by most measures
Outperformed stock market in recent years
50% increase in IPOs in 2013
Venture Capital
Eric Landwehr

Claire Pearson

Victoria Wang

Positive Relationships
Successful VC branches
Threats to the Industry
Crowdsourcing can help VC: gauges interest and weeds out companies
Hardware companies over 100K on Kickstarter generated 321 million in VC fundraising
Angel Investors still are not as organized and do not have the capital to compete
Google Ventures services model: provide more than just capital to startups
Advice, engineering design support, access to Google campus, recruiting
Data Analytics
Success of VC branches
Google Ventures managing partner: handful of failures among 170 investments
Intel Capital: 1,339 companies 550 exits
Investing companies maintain relationship even when VC backed company is successful
Uber and Google
Intel Capital and Fulcrum: cloud infrastructure architecture
High Uncertainty
Reliance on stock market
Reliance on economy
Projection of market
Subjective opinion
35% of start-ups make it to 10 years
Highly Competitive
Highly Competitive
Experienced firms
Google Ventures - Uber
Intel Capital
Marketing Investment
Angel Investing
Summary and Recommendation
Negatives: Competition and Risk
Positives: Innovative and benefits to the entire company, new ways to mitigate risk
Recommendation: Yes!
1. Introduction
2. About Venture Capital
3. Effects on the Economy
Works Cited
4. Risks of Venture Capital
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6. Successful VC funds
5. Profitability and Success of VC

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