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Ionian Revolt Official Copy

No description

Benjamin Schutt

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Ionian Revolt Official Copy

How it all started..... The Ionians were a small tribal group that formed out of the migrating Greeks that settled in Asia Minor. Iona was comprised of 12 cities: Miletus, Myus, Priene, Ephesus, Colophon, Lebedos, Teos, Clazomenae, Phocaea, and Erythrae. The cities of Ionia remained independent until the infamous city of Lydia, under the rule of King Croesus, conquered them. they remained under Lydian rule until Cyrus the Great later conquered them. The Ionians didn't find the Persian rule to be any different from the Lydians so they decided to revolt. The Ionian Revolt On the Greek Side... The Persians basically wanted to take over Greece. But in 499BC, Aristagoras, who was the ruler of the Ionian city, Miletus, wanted to fight back. 1 - he went to Sparta for help. But the Spartan realized the distance his army would have to travel, and declined. 2 - he went to the Athenians. The Athenians were paranoid of a Persian attack anyway, so they agreed to aid The Battle of Sardis... Confident of the aid of the strong army, Aristagoras and the Athenians marched to the city of Sardis, and they were able to breach the walls. However, they then reached Artaphrenes, the ruler of Sardis, and - with lack of a better term - ticked him off. They were unable to capture the citadel, and instead fled to Ephesus, where they were slaughtered brutally by the Persians, who had finally caught up. REVOLT SUCESS TALLEY
Ionians = 1
Ionians = 1
Persians = 2 KBO (Keep Buggering On!) Despite Artisagoras's unfortunate loss of men, he continued persuading rebellions throughout Western Asia Minor, including Thrace and Cyprus. After hearing that the Persians wanted to crush the city of Caria, the Carians massacred the Persians in an ambush. REVOLT SUCESS TALLEY
Ionians = 2
Persians = 2 The Persians Gain Foot Despite, however, the Persian Army's choke in the ambush, they continued to conquer cities. Fearing his life, Aristagoras flees. He hands over his city (Miletus), to a mathematician, Pythagoras. The Persians captured the city in 494BC. The revolts were over. REVOLT SUCESS TALLEY
Ionians = 2
Persians = 3 The Aftermath sadly, all the Ionian Revolts did were 3 things: 1 - crush the Ionian hope of defeating the Persians

2 - make Darius I, the Persian ruler, angry at the Athenians for aiding with Aristagoras

3 - prove that the Persian empire was clearly unstable, and practically welcomed civil wars REVOLT SUCCESS TALLEY RESULTS
After a close neck-and-neck competition, the Persians have taken dominance over the Ionians, surpassing their best efforts. REVOLT SUCCESS TALLEY
Ionians = 0
Persians = 1 <-----King Croesus Cyrus the Great-----> Where's Antarctica?
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