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The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Annalysis

No description

Della Willerth

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Annalysis

Tom Buchanan
- Married to Daisy
-Comes from a wealthy family and is successful
-Met Nick in college
-He has a hard mouth (page 11, this also foreshadows his rant at dinner)
-Unappreciative for what he has (Ex. Daisy)
-Lives in East Egg
-Muscular, foreshadows his force that he uses on other characters later in the novel
Lesson: The Great Gatsby Chapter 1
Major Character Development
Nick Carraway
-Comes from a wealthy family in Mid West
-Determined to become independently successful (Bond Business)
-Narrator of the novel
-Learns from his father to reserve judgement
-Lives in West Egg
-Lacks social Connections
Married to Tom Buchanan
-Resides is East Egg
-Second Cousin of Nick Carroway
-Artificially Happy
-Given a description that there is a manner about her that luls people toward her. The description foreshadows what will later unfold between her and Gatsby.
-Her description is also ironic because she is given almost a harmless/innocent appearance, when she has not told Tom her entire past. Fitzgerald gives a hint of this when Jordan mentioned Gatsby, Daisy immediately questioned who Gatsby was
-"Gatsby?" demanded Daisy. "What Gatsby?" (Fitzgerald 11)

Jordan Baker
-A good friend of Daisy's
-"She nodded at me almost imperceptibly and quickly tipped her head back again." (page 9)
-From Louisville
-Only one living family member (An aunt)
Jay Gatsby
-Not a main character in Chapter 1, but is mentioned by Jordan and Nick
-Admired by Nick
-"...there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life..." (Fitzgerald 2)
-Throws large parties consistently; allows anyone to attend
-Lives in West Egg, it is reasonable to infer that he is wealthy
-Viewed as an Extraordinary Person

Plot Development
Nick moves to West Egg in New York and goes to dinner at the Buchanan's home. During dinner Tom takes a phone call. Jordan and Nick briefly speak of Gatsby. Jordan Baker leaves early to get rest for her golf tournament in the morning. Daisy and Nick talk about Nick's potential with Jordan. When Nick returns home, he sees Gatsby's figure in the darkness on the lawn reaching towards both the water separating east East Egg from West Egg and the green light in the distance located in East Egg.

Connections to future Chapters
- On page 11, Gatsby is mentioned and Daisy begins to assure to everyone that she does not know who "Gatsby" is by questioning who he was. This connects to the future because later readers find that she and Gatsby had a past relationship and she had been keeping it from Tom.

- On page 15, the phone rang and Tom was said to have "vanished into air." By how quick he got up to get the phone is a hint to the reader that Tom is hiding something because he was determined to be the first to answer the phone. In coming chapters it is revealed that Mrs Baker, or Myrtle, is his mistress and is the person who was calling earlier in the novel.

- In the end of the chapter on page 21, Nick said to have seen Gatsby standing on his lawn with "stretched out arms toward the dark water." While at the moment, the reader may think anything of this action, but later in the book you find that Daisy lives just across the "dark water" and his action symbolizes his desire to have her for himself.

-On page 19, It is reasonable to infer that Daisy is not happy being with her husband because Nick informs the readers that after Tom left the dinner table something within Daisy immediately was relieved and she was happy again.

The light is located at the end of Daisy's dock and is visible from Gatsby's home. This is a symbol of Gatsby's hope for a future with Daisy. In the end of chapter one he is reaching out as if to take hold of the light. Fitzgerald wrote the novel in a way that the color green represented various "American Dreams." This is another testimony that Daisy is what Gatsby truly desires, because while reaching toward the green light he is also reaching toward her. The conclusion can then be made that having Daisy's love is Gatsby's "American Dream," or what he feels he must attain to be successful.
*Not money*

: the use of the color white represents the purity and innocence in the beginning.

Theme in chapter one is "
Wealth consumes the rich and poor."
It is supported through the dinner and the unsatisfactory attitudes the wealthy have. Even though they have all the money and possessions they could want, they are still unhappy.
Jazz age (end of prohibition to the beginning of the Great Depression)
Roaring 20's
Age of prohibition
Focus is on New York
East egg- people born into wealth.
Ex. Tom has always has a rich family and Daisy married into the wealth.
West egg- People that have made their wealth individually rather than having it been inherited
Newer wealth
Daisy Buchanan
Ivana Mladenovic, Della Willerth, Ashley Nilles
Chapter One Jeopardy
1. Divide into groups
2. Pick one individual from each group to be the scribe and write the team answer.
The first team to have their answer written down and their hand raised will have their answer checked first.

Textual Evidence
Critical Thinking
Character Development
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