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Jerry Spinelli author life

Diane Imboden

Mark Andrew

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Jerry Spinelli author life

Jerry Spinelli An Award-Winning Author He is called crash because he ran over his cousin,Briget, when he was three and got is first football helmet And was called crash ever since I read his book called Crash His best friend was Mike Deluca, and Mike and Crash picked on this kid named Penn Webb, who was named after the Penn Relays. Crash was the football star of the school, who broke the record for touchdowns in one game He also was a a great track runner Penn Webb was a boy who had a small house and not much money, he also was a vegitarian. The main character is named Jon Coogan But is called crash for short Some of Jerry Spinelli's Books Maniac Magee Crash The Library Card Loser Wringer And his autobiography, Knots In My Yo-Yo String. Jerry Spinelli used his own life experences for his books. For exemple, in his book Loser, Zinkoff needs to get surgery on his stomach and needs to miss school for three weeks Facts About Jerry Spinneli Jerry Spinelli grew up in Norristown, PA. Jerry was a sports fanatic in grade school. When he was younger, his room was closest to a train track. When trains went by he was afraid of them. The Characters John (Crash) Coogan Mike Delcuia Penn Webb More facts of Jerry Spinelli Jerry Spinelli wrote a peom in school once and the teacher didn't think he wrote it Jerry Spinelli knew he wanted to be a writer in high school Abby Coogan Mom Dad Crash is a book about a boy named Jon Coogan who is a star football player, but bullies a boy named Penn Webb who wants to win track races, especally the Penn Relays. Mike played football, and came over to Crash's house almost everyday. By Diane Imboden And in his auto-biography he needs to miss the weeks of school, too. Abby Coogan Abby is Crash's little sister and she becomes best friend with Penn Webb. She even turns into a vegetarian, and they both try to stop a mall together. I really enjoyed this book. I think it was funny, and also had a lesson. What I think the lesson is in this book is about not bulling people I will be reading more Jerry Spinelli books in the future. Thanks for watching!
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