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Fitri Biography

My firts Prezi

fitri anizar

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Fitri Biography

My Personality Now let's move to my education or my Background knowledge... i was born on March 25th 1993 in Tapak Tuan of South Aceh Thank you :) I am Fitri Anizar I was a Student in SD Teupin Gajah in 1999-2005 then i continued to SMP 2 Pasie Raja for my Junior High School in 2005-2008 after that i entered to Islamic Boarding School of Darul Aitami in 2008 and i finished then in 2011.
And now on i am studying in IAIN Ar-Raniry in English Department. That's all about me Actually i wanna be a translator for my profession in the future, whether for tourist tour guide or a book translator, that's all what i hope before but as we know that Tarbiyah Faculty teaches us to be expert in teaching so at least i wanna be a lecturer or a teacher
let's see later :) My expectation in the future well...
talk alone in the mirror and talkactive are the firts things that i did always, beside i like to listen the western music or reading a lot of book !
it's amazing...
isn't? My hobbies hey guys.....
did you know?
i have a lot of hobbies in my life,
for example sport field, i love table tennis and volly ball so much What about others hobbies My Personality Welcome to my prezi.... Table tennis Volly ball talkactive listening music Tourist guide Books Translator Talk alone in the mirror SMP 2 Pasie Raja SDN Teupin G.
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