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Prince Harry & Marketing ethics in the media sector

UCD Smurfit MBA presentation

Diarmuid O'Sullivan

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Prince Harry & Marketing ethics in the media sector

Diarmuid O’Sullivan Neil Krige Marketing ethics in the media sector Contents ‘UK newspapers steer clear of naked Harry photos’ - Associated Press, Aug 23, 2012 Article and Source Syndicated and published by media throughout the world Discusses UK media reaction to Prince Harry scandal August 2012: The background Prince Harry has some fun in Las Vegas

TMZ.com publish naked picture of Prince Harry

Goes viral on social media

Traditional media outlets refuse to publish

The Sun publish a ‘re-enactment’ The Sun finally publish the genuine picture... How does this relate to marketing? First to publish picture Paid approx. $16k to use the picture
Culture of aggressively targeting celebrities Ethical questions: Utilitarian approach Publish picture or not?
Exploitation or public interest? Initially refuse to publish genuine picture "This is about the ludicrous situation where a picture can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world on the Internet, but can't be seen in the nation's favorite paper.“ Ethical questions: Misleading advertising?
Appropriate to use intern? Utilitarian approach Refused to publish picture Editors‘ voluntary Code of Practice: "it is unacceptable to photograph individuals in private places without their consent.“

Risk averse post Leveson enquiry on press ethics Ethical dilemmas: Publish picture or not? Kantian? Utilitarian? The media Freedom of speech or sensationalism? The ‘companion’ Financial security or exploitation? Prince Harry Private affair or public figure? The Royal family Invasion of privacy or censoring the media? A plethora of ethical questions! Power High Low Interest High Low SO... define how a 'virtuous' media would behave

THEN... pass this into legislation

WHEREBY... the media will pursue the virtuous approach out of self-interest (risk of litigation) Findings after a 3 day delay! Enshrine editor’s voluntary code of practice in legislation

Invasion of privacy laws to extend to social media Actions Can the web be policed? The media will usually follow a Utilitarian approach - i.e. self-interest – David Dinsmore, Managing Editor Publish ‘re-enactment’ of picture using 21 year old intern Questions
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