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RWL November 5, 2014

No description

Justin Dillon

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of RWL November 5, 2014

Where's the science in 'citizen science'?
Vision I ‘looks inward at science itself – its products such as laws and theories, and its processes such as hypothesizing and experimenting,’

Vision II ‘looks outward at situations in which science has a role, such as decision-making about socioscientific issues’
(Roberts, 2007, p.9).
Is citizen science the answer?

Citizen scientists or unpaid, untrained and anonymous technicians?
Justin Dillon, King's College London
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS)
Science [can] work by falsifying hypotheses
Purposes of science education & engagement
Osborne, J., Ratcliffe, M., Collins, S., Millar, R. and Duschl, R. (2003) What ‘ideas-about science’ should be taught in school science? A Delphi study of the ‘Expert’ community.
Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 40(7): 692–720.
Does 'citizen science' develop scientific literacy?
Towards a convergence of science and environmental education
1. Why converge?
2. A blended pedagogy?
3. What works (better)?

'Wicked problems'

Climate change
Food security
Loss of biodiversity
2. A blended pedagogy?
3. What works (better)?
'What would an ideal citizen science project involve?'
'What would a blended pedagogy look like?'


What skills and knowledge do outdoor educators really need?
Health & safety
How do you know if outdoor education really works?
1. Why converge?
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