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Technology in football

The development of technology in football

Josh Ellis

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Technology in football

By Josh Ellis Technology in sport Technology has had an effect on football. This can be seen throughout my prezi How Clothing Has Developed Lots of equipment has developed over the years due to new technology. This has resulted in the game being more competitive. this equipment can be seen below:
New footballs- These have developed and so these balls are now much lighter making them fly through the air much faster. This in turn makes the game more competitive.
Dummies- These have are useful for footballers to practice things such as free kick taking as these dummies are similar to real people.
other bits of new training equipment such as Bibs, ladder runs, cones, hoops, plastic posts, miniature hurdles and stopwatches have all been developed from new technology making the game more competitive.

These new bits of equipment have made the game more competitive as it has given the players new pieces of equipment that they can use to train with allowing them to work on improving their performance. New training equipment New cameras have also improved the competitiveness of football with there being lots of different types of cameras such as 3d cameras. This has led to sports science also improving because these cameras allow for players to be analyzed while they are participating in sport leading to coaches being able to asses where their individual needs to improve.

New televisions have allowed for people to watch the football games at home, opening this sport up to a wider target audience. These televisions also allow for people to pause and review the football games in slow motion so that people can gain a greater understanding of what goes on in a football game.this also allows coaches and sports scientists to asses certain individuals so that they can gain a greater understanding of how certain individuals perform so well. Cameras and televisions Clothing has developed dramatically over the past years which can be seen below with new pieces of equipment coming in place to make sure that the game is safer for the players and more competitive.
New football boots- this has made it easier for the players to strike the ball with the latest football boots being a lot lighter. They may also have micro chips inside so that a footballer can analyse their performance.
Shin pads- This has made football safer for the players with it protecting their shins to prevent them getting injured when tackling or when they are being tackled
Goalie gloves- This has also made the game safer with these gloves protecting the goal keepers hands when he makes a save
Long socks- These are used to make sure the shin pads stay on properly and also help keep the players warm
football shirts- these have developed as they are now made from a mixture of polyester and cotton making them more lightweight and more comfortable for the players
Hat- this makes the game safer fore the goal keepers when they are diving as it is worn to prevent injury if they were to hit their head on the post. In this prezi you will look at how the following
things have changed in football:
The clothing that the footballers now wear
New equipment
The new cameras and televisions that have developed
The new ways of analysis
new facilities that have developed Analysis There are many different types of analysis that have developed due to new technology. this can be seen below:
computer/ video games- new game consoles have developed due to new technology which has led to an increased interest in football with children playing football games like fifa where they gain a greater understanding of the game and may also gain role models from this game with there being different players that they may like on the game
new drugs testing equipment has also developed and so it making it harder for people to be deviant in football. this is good because it makes the game a lot more fare as it is more likely to prevent people from being deviant.
cameras - This allows for a players performance to be viewed slowly and so it means that coaches can analyse how an individual does a certain skill/ technique allowing them to look at improving it. these cameras have also allowed match stats to be created with people being able to view how many passes or shots have taken place within a game so that a coach or manager can see how well their team have performed.
New electronic equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes have also developed allowing coaches to better analyse individuals.
These bits above all contribute to making football more competitive as coaches are to better analyse individuals helping them to improve their performance and it can also help to prevent players from picking up injuries. New facilities that have developed New technology has also led to both training facilities and stadiums improving. This can be seen below:
New stadiums- With new technology developing all the time this has led to stadiums improving dramatically. Some stadiums now have underfloor heating and roofs allowing football to be played in most conditions. they may also have sprinklers on the pitch to ensure that it is well maintained and allow for large capacities of people to watch the games safely.
New all weather pitches- These pitches have developed and so it allows footballers to be able to train in all weathers so that they can maintain their level of fitness.
new gyms- Technology has also resulted in new gym equipment developing such as anti gravity treadmills allowing injured players to improve their fitness levels. this therefore makes football more competitive as these injured players can return back to full fitness a lot quicker. this allows teams to get their better players quicker after they've been injured.
production facilities- these have developed with new technology as there are now new better ways of producing and testing new equipment. these new production facilities have made football equipment a lot more durable and reliable in turn making the game more competitive.
With all of these facilities developing it has made football more competitive because it allows more football to be played. With places such as St. Georges also occurring it has led to football improving as it is easier for footballers to maintain their levels of fitness. New equipment for officials Equipment for the officials has also developed due to new technology. below is is a list of this equipment that they now use:
Headsets- the officials now have headsets so that they can communicate to each other making it easier for them to make the correct decisions.
Electronic boards- these are used so that people know messages such as how much added time there is going to be and it is also used for player changes making these run a lot more smoothly in a game.
Whistles- this piece of equipment is taken for granted today, but it has really helped the development of football with the refs being able to use them to stop the game.
electronic linesman flags- these allow the game to flow much quicker and so they have a button on them which is connected to the referees earpiece alerting them if a decision is made that they didn't see.
Goal line technology- This allows the ref to know whether the ball has gone over the line and so if it has it will flash up on the refs watch so that he can give the goal
watches- these have allowed for the ref to know how much time has been played and when they need to blow their whistle to end the game. The end
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