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The Direct Method

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Josefa García

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of The Direct Method

The Direct Method
We have choosen it because:
The students with the following words have to complete the sentences.

________ is on the fast and sweet group.
In the _________ there is rice
________ belongs to the fruit and vegetables group.
Cheese belongs to the ____________ group.
Bananas are on the ___________ group.

The target language can be taught by using it actively in the classroom. We don't need the textbook, the students associate the meaning through action and demonstration.
Foreign language can be taught without translation. The teacher use the target language in class associating the meaning through action and demonstration.
We replace the textbook with teacher-student/student-student activities.
Correct pronunciation is very important.
New vocabulary is taught by using known words.
1. In the classroom we must use the target language
3. Everyday vocabulary and sentences are demonstrated through the use of materials.
The syllabus used is based upon situations or topics.
4. Grammar is taught inductively.

2. Teacher and students are partners in the teaching/learning process.
5. The interaction goes both ways, although the teacher directed.
6. New teaching points are introduced orally like culture.
7. Correct pronunciation and vocabulary are emphasized, although is worked the four skills. The students practice orally first.
8. Students are asked to use the language. They are asked to do so using both oral and written skills.
9. The teacher, by asking the student to make a choice, gets him to correct his own error.
Activity 1- Filling in the gaps
meat and milk - chocolate - grain - lettuce - fruit and vegetables
Activity 1 - Methodology
The students have to read a sentence out loud and supply the missing word.

They have to take note on the wallchart "Pyramid food" to make the exercise.

Activity 2 - Reading the passage and answer the questions
I'm Cathy from Swansea in Wales.
I work in a fish and chip shop. I start work at 12 o'clock every day from Monday to Friday but I don't work at weekends. English people like fish and chips, and fish and chip shops are very popular. My mother says fish and chips are not very healthy. I don't like my job very much and I am sick of eating fish and chips. I want to work in a restaurant with healthy food.

Activity 2- Reading the passage and answer the questions
What is her name?
Where does Cathy come from?
What time does she start work?
Does she work at weekends?
Does she like her job?
What does she want to do?

Activity 2- Methodology
The students have to read loud the passage. Each one reads a sentence.
After they have to answer the question in their notebooks.
If a student answers wrong any question, the teacher will read the sentence of the passage that appears the answer. It is a way of getting students to self-correct.

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