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Learning English For Kids

No description

wejdan al.mansour

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Learning English For Kids

Short stories

Kids should start learning these basic
fields :

An example of
a website that can
help kids learn English :

Sources :

(3),(4),(5),(6) :
(2) :

"Avoid correcting your child or you might discourage him. A good way to help your child to learn the "right" way to say something is to affirm what he says, using the correct pronunciation, sentence structure, or grammar. For example, if your a child says, "The mail comed," you might say, "You're right. The mail came". (7)
kids can improve their language by watching
our favorite cartoons in English language
Kids can use games to improve their language and they will take information with a lot of fun .
Videos are helpful tool that can improve kids' learning English skills .
Reading can give a lot of information to kids such as : vocabulary and spelling .
Learning English For Kids
Learning English is
important for kids

kids can improve their language by many ways, such as :
Thank You ;)
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