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International Marketing: Nestle vs. Unilever

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Nicholas Piccard

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of International Marketing: Nestle vs. Unilever

Unilever...not just a company. It's a culture!
Focuses on the culture of the company versus its product.

Strong with social media and other digital marketing

The product is built around the people and not so much the company

Environmentally friendly

Source raw materials from local areas versus corporate owned lands
The Products
Sticking to just a few products rather than having multiple lines to every country like Nestle

Targets the young "hip" generation

Global conscience

Improve existing product lines rather than creating new ones
Targeting by Health
Nestle Seems to target people through its product but does not directly show images of those products on there home page.

Nestle focuses primarily on adapting its product lines to fit the wants/needs of the culture they are planning on targeting.

Evolution...Not Revolution
Difficulties of having 8500 different products

Catering to different markets

Always thinking long term

Decentralized structure, let people from those countries dictate product for sale there

Different country? Different Website!
Both Companies have strategies that are similar in many ways given the types of products sold, but they also differ greatly.

Nestle dominates by allowing cultures to adapt their product lines

Unilever focuses on fewer items but tries to improve upon those lines

Both push for creating a culture through social media and websites.
International Marketing: Nestle vs. Unilever
By: Nicholas Piccard
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