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Case: Leveraging nation branding for export promotion-100% sustainable?

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Keryn Bell

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Case: Leveraging nation branding for export promotion-100% sustainable?

Economies of scale
Increased awareness of New Zealand and its offerrings
Country of origin
Customer perceived quality
decreased marketing costs How has the focused nation brand positioning and promotion benefited New Zealand exporters? What are the Key Indicators of the Campaign's
Success in Enhancing New Zealand's Brand? Multiple awards

Visitor numbers

Increased consumer spending Exports
- Green Miles...sustainable?
- Butter wars
"research that showed that 39% of Anchor butter consumers "mistakenly believe" that it is British, rather than from New Zealand" (Sweeny, 2009) How Sustainable is the "100% Pure" Positioning Statement for Effectively Promoting New Zealand's Exports and Attracting Investments and Migrants? Investment - Dairy
- Thermal Energy
- Food Industry: GE Free
- "100%" not sustainable Migrants - Third Most livable City (Nat Geo)
- Comparative "Pureness" of Home Country eg: example
- Brand not actual cause for migration
- Misleading Brand + high expectations = Bad publicity What are some of the difficulties faceing New Zealand by adopting a single brand position? - High Risk eg: Brand vulnerability - Rena
Imitation vulnerability - Australia
- Limited Flexibility
- Independant New Zealand brands have other Brand positions
- but are still subject to damage Do all Industries Benefit Equally from this Brand Position? -No
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