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Hoops and Yoyo

No description

Emma Smith

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Hoops and Yoyo

hoops and yoyo are awesome animated charicters who the card company Halmark created for the noise cards! Hoops and Yoyo
Hoops and Yoyo also have a friend named piddles who is not as popular except apears in/ on some f teir things and some of their cards. Piddles Hoops and Yoyo also LOVE coffee and dougnuts and are apsolutly opsessed with thoose things. That is apparently what they live on at work. Hooops and Yoyo also like waffles alot!
Hoops and Yoyo also have tons of products that feature them and occasionaly Piddles such as
Coffee mugs
That was easy buttons
Stuffed animals
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