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Munro Chambers

No description

skylar ellis

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Munro Chambers

Who is he? Munro Chambers
is a Canadian Actor. Filmography Interesting Facts He is a devoted gymanast. As of now he is ranked second best trampolinist in Ontario. His brother Thomas is ranked first. In 2003, he and his brother Thomas played in the TV movie A Wrinkle in Time. In 2004, Munro Chambers played Max Shaw in the movie Godsend with actor Robert DeNiro. In 2005: He played Billy in the
TV movie Good
Fences with actress
Whoopi Goldberg. He also played Greg Ammon
in the movie Murder in the
Hamptons. In 2005, he also played Max Rizzo in the movie Bailey's Billion$. Thomas is also an actor. 2007-2010 The Latest Buzz (TV Series) About In this series, a struggling youth magazine, Teen BUZZ, replaces its staff with actual teens. Instead of being in class, five young writers take their last period of the day at the magazine’s office, learning about the fast-paced world of publishing.
Munro's Role He plays the character Wilder Wilder. He is completely clueless on everything except gaming and sports. He writes the column on games, which he call "Game On". His catchphrase is "Awestruck". 2010-Present Degrassi Munro Chambers was added to the cast of the 10th season of Degrassi. His character is Eli. His Brother, Thomas, made a couple guest appearances on this show as well. He is friends with Adam Torres He is the nemesis of Fitz. Eli is currently
dating Clare
Edwards. His trademarks are his hearse, his guitar pick necklace, and his crooked smirk. He always wears something black, listens to punk rock, reads comic books, and drives a vintage hearse, nicknamed Morty. Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy is a new junior (11th grade) at Degrassi Community School. Eli is voluntarily "different". Rather than fading into the background, Eli chooses to build his reputation as a menace. He is known to be sarcastic and opinionated. Munro Chambers Hope You Enjoyed! The End He is a Canadian Actor. Munro Chambers was born on July 29th, 1990. He is from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. He has an identical twin brother named Thomas. Munro is younger by 2 minutes. Munro's first acting role was a
McDonald's commercial when he
was 8 years old. Facts About His Character
On Degrassi. Ever since the death of Julia (Eli's deceased ex-girlfriend), he has had trouble getting rid of things even with no sentimental value, otherwise known as hoarding. Ever since the death of Julia (Eli's deceased ex-girlfriend), he has had trouble getting rid of things even with no sentimental value, otherwise known as hoarding. The End
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