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British New York

No description

Theresa L

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of British New York

British New York
Many countries in Europe had interest in the lands and resources of north America.
The Dutch own New Netherland and New Amsterdam.
What problems do you think this will cause?
The British wanted to take control over New Netherland and New Amsterdam because they wanted control over the entire Atlantic coast.
The British Take Over
The British king wanted to gift his brother, Duke of York, the land that the Dutch owned in North America. This land inluded New Netherland.
Read the section "Not a Shot Was Fired"
Why were the British able to to defeat the Dutch?

What was Peter Stuyvesant's role?

What was the outcome?
Colonial Life Under British Rule
Life changed for the colonists under British rule. New York's first governor was Richard Nicolls and he was given the power to make laws and rise taxes.
money people pay for a service
Read the first two paragraphs on pg. 98. Why do you think the colony began to grow?
The Zenger Trial
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