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nfl trade

No description

Aaron Pressler

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of nfl trade

S. Holmes was traded to the NY jets for the 5th round draft pick B.marshall was trade for a 5th round pick to the dolphins
L.T. was realeased from the Chragers and picked up by the NY Jets. A. Cromatie was traded by Chargers for 3rd round draft pick. Mc nabb was trade to the red skins for a 8th round pick he said he was happy and excited going to a team and winning a super bowl T. Owens might be traded to the washington redskins to play with McNabb again Tim Tebow was drafted to the denver broncos in the April 2010 draft ryan m. was drafted to the sd chagers in april 2010 draft. he said he will not have number 21 to honnor LT number donald butler was drafted to the chager from washinton state
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