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Ancient Egypt

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Jaswant Sihra

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

The time period for Ancient Egypt
The time period is Early Dynastic Period, (3100-2686 B.C.)
Old kingdom time period is 2600-2160 B.C.
The First Intermediate Period is 2160-2040 B.C. Also the Middle Kingdom time period is 2040-1700 B.C.

Where is Egypt located?
This is where Egypt is located close to Africa.
In Egypt it is very hot.
The Red Sea is to the east.

The states of people
Kings and Queens were the highest in Egypt. And the lowest people were the slaves and servants.
Some of the Pharaoh were at the level of kings and queens.

When men were working they wore a kind of ‘loincloth or kilt’ made of linen that was wrapped around the legs and waist.
Children don’t wear any clothes until they were 6 years old.
Women’s wore straight dress with one or two straps.
They wore weather comfortable clothes because it was really hot.
Ancient Egypt
Created by: Jaswant, Sahar, Gurman and Ali
This is a type of food Egyptians eat the Egypt use to hunt for food to.
Daily Chores
Men washed clothes in the Nile river even though Nile River was really dangerous and had lots of different scary creatures in it.
Men would hunt and catch fish.
They play spin tops and chess in a different way, this is a daily chore because they played it everyday.
They made their houses with bricks made from mud.
The bricks were created by mixing up mud with a straw, placed in a wooden moulds and then they left them in the sun to bake and dry.
They use to make their bricks smoother by using a float.
The houses made up with mud was very cool inside.
The children who was from rich families they went to school at the age of 18 and kids from poor families when to school at the age of 7.
Kids who were from rich families had a servants or slaves went with the kid so that the kid is safe.
Girls were not allowed to go to school since they had to learn the house holds.
The jobs in Egypt were farming, craftsman, servants, builders, merchants, doctors, fishermen, hunters, artists, general, engineers, priests, and dancers.
Men went to hunt for food while women's cook the food.They talked and listened to music.

Harvest and religious festivals were very big events for the ancient egyptians.
The rich people celebrate where they will eat on a dining table.
Little boys played pretend they pretended to be soldiers.
Girls played dancing games, holding hands in a ring just like ring around the rosy.
A two player game with 30 squares board called’ Sent’
The entertainment is board games, sports and storytelling.
The culture of people is Islam, and Christian. In elaborating their belief.
They believed in gods which can contact with kings.
They even use to draw sculptors of animals .
The pharaoh is the religious leader.
Egyptians fought with Romans which is another civilization.
The pharaoh could lead his people into war if Egypt was attacked or if he wanted to expand his kingdom.
Alexander was one of the best warrior's, who ruled an empire.
A famous Egyptian battle took place in 1288 B. C. in the city of Kaddish in Syria

Links, and videos
Egypt Clothes
This is a egyptian wearing the
common clothes for a women.
People washing clothes in the Nile river.
In Egypt fish was a common food.
They eat bread cake, vegetables, beans, lentils and lettuces.
They cook their foods using onions, leeks, cucumbers and garlic.
Servants cooked meat over the fire.
Also they brought back from the fields baskets of vegetables and they ground wheat to make bread.
They made beer from barley and richer people drank wine.
People live close to the Nile river because it supplies them water to drink, wash clothes and to catch fish.
People live between the rivers because the land close to the river is really good for farming.
Some facts why people live close to the Nile River

Religion and Myths

The books we used
Life in Ancient Egypt

Author and illustratorAli- Paul Challen
Published by: Crabtree Publishing CompanyLife in Ancient Egypt

Author and illustratorAli- Paul Challen
Published by: Crabtree Publishing Company
Life in Ancient Egypt

Author and illustrator - Paul Challen
Published by: Crabtree Publishing Company
Would you survive as an Ancient Egypt

Author- David Salariya and Designer
Written by: Jacqueline Morley
Illustrated by: John James
Published by: Franklin Watts
The books we used are-
Ancient Egypt

Author and illustrator- Jane Shutter
Publisher- Rain Tree Steck Vaughn
100 Thing You should Know About Ancient Egypt

Author- Jane Walker
Publisher- Mason Crest
Voices Of Ancient Egypt

Author- Kay Winters
Illustrator- Barry Moser
Publisher- Arrangement With the Watts Publisher Group Ltd Londen
These are houses in Egypt.
This is a wooden mould to make bricks in Egypt.
By: Gurman
By: Sahar
By: Everyone
By: Jaswant and Sahar
By: Sahar and some by Jaswant
By: Everyone mostly Sahar
By: Everyone
By: Jaswant and Sahar
By: Sahar
By: Jaswant
By: everyone
By: Ali and little done by everyone
By: everyone
By: Gurman and Ali
By: Everyone
By: Everyone
Lots of egyptians together.
Fighting a war.
Slides Created by:
Slide 2- Sahar and Jaswant
slide 3- Everyone helped.
Slide 4- Jaswant and Sahar
Slide 5- Sahar and little by Jaswant.
Slide 6- Ali mosstly Sahar
Slide 7- Everyone
Slide 8- Jaswant and Sahar
Slide 9- Sahar
Slide 10- Gurman
Slide 11- Jaswant
Slide 12- Everyone
Slide 13- Ali and little by everyone
Slide 14- Everyone
Slide 15- Gurman and Ali
Slide 16- Everyone
Slide 17- Everyone
Slide 18- Everyone
Gods and Goddess
This is a rich persons house
Rich children learning
Egyptians framing
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