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How to Write a Letter

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Karina Ferrada

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Letter

Perth, WA Here are Bill and Ben! Bill and Ben are best friends, and they are both from Perth WA! Bill Ben Ben came up with the idea of writing letters, but they have forgotten how to write one.
Do you think you can help them? Hey I know lets write letters! Step Three: Next you need to think about WHO you are going to write to. This is referred to as the greeting or salutation.

For example;
Dear Miss Kerr To Mr Diaz
Hi or Hello Karina

This is normally placed underneath the date with a line space, as shown
in the example letter. Step One: First you have to think about WHERE this letter is going, so we need an address. Some letters require two addresses;
- The Sender
- The Receiver

For this letter we are going to need your own address, including the state and postcode.

For example;
123 Martin St
EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158 Ben is going on a holiday to
Italy over the summer, and wants to keep
in touch with his friend
Bill . Step Four: You now need to know WHAT you are going to write in the letter. This is known as the body or main text, and it is where you write your personal message Step Five: This is where you finish the letter and state WHOM it is written from. This is referred to as the CLOSING or SIGNATURE LINE. Now have a go at writing your personal letter to a friend of your choice. Use the following links to assist you in writing your letter
http://auspost.com.au/education/letterwriting/students/multimedia-fun.html#letterwriting Italy But how do you write a
letter? Here is an example of where the address line is placed in a letter.
As you can see you have YOUR name and address (the sender) on the top right hand side. But why is it important to put my address there? A: In case your return address
on the back of the envelope is torn or thrown out. This allows for the person receiving the letter to always have your address, and to be able to reply to your letter. Step 2: You need to think about WHEN you are writing your letter, as you will need to write the date.

This goes on the left-hand
side just above where the
greeting goes. Why do we need to write the date? Is it that important? A: It is important as it allows for the person reading to know when it was written, and to look back on it. Here is an example, as you
can see it is the longest part
of the letter and contains
about 3-4 sentences. Don't
forget to include capital letters, full
stops and exclamation marks. A line space is left between
the body or main text and the closing. You can
finish your letter using one of the
following examples;
Yours sincerely or yours truly... Teacher Resources Assessment - Self & Peer
- Checklist
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