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History of IBM Messaging

Learn about the past and present of IBM's MQ (MQSeries) messaging software

Ben Mann

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of History of IBM Messaging

Leading the industry with continuous innovation IBM MQ messaging the 2000s Placeholder 1 BC (Before Connectivity) Heterogeneous computing systems
Multiplicity of Operating systems, Networking protocols, Management,
Emergence of Departmental computing
Poor or unworkable standards

Extreme difficulty in networking these computers at the application level

Complexity of the programming model
Need to deal with low level protocols at the application level, incompatibility and complexity of coupling end points both in term of semantics and availability of the application synchronous protocols....
Dealing with networking and application failures – trying to cobble a reliable system from unreliable components

Integration of existing applications
…Without rewriting or changing existing applications Future Vision the 1990s the 2000s the 2010s B.M. (Before MQ) Washington Redskins win the Super Bowl 1992
Systems Strategies develops ezBridge for VMS, Tandem and Unix
IBM enters into agreements with Systems Strategies
IBM announces Networking Blueprint defining CPI-C, RPC and the MQI (Message Queue Interface) Bill Clinton elected US President 1993 IBM buys intellectual property rights for ezBridge from Systems Strategies
IBM announces MQM/400 – an MQSeries queue manager for OS/400
IBM announces intent to extend MQSeries range to HP-UX, SCO UNIX, SunOS and Novell UnixWare Top grossing film is Forest Gump 1994 IBM acquires ezBRIDGE from Apertus Technologies & Systems Strategies
MQSeries Version 1 released on VSE/ESA, OS/400, Digital VMS VAX, Tandem Guardian, HP-UX, SunOS, UnixWare and SCO UNIX
MQM/400 V2.1 and V3 released IBM replaces acquired ezBridge products with IBM equivalents
MQSeries V1.1 released for Sun Solaris, Tandem Guardian Himalaya and AT&T GIS UNIX
MQSeries V1.1.3 released for MVS/ESA
MQSeries V2 released for OS/2 and AIX
Clients for DOS, Windows 3.1, AIX and OS/2 DVDs first announced 1995 MQSeries V2.0 enhancements are rolled out across platforms adding ability to accepts calls from 32-bit applications
Network Computing Well-Connected Award Best Messaging Middleware
Yphise Best Inter-Application Messaging Software
Byte magazine Best Connectivity Software Atlanta Olympics 1996 MQSeries V2.1 for Windows
MQSeries V5.0 launches simultaneously on AIX, Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, and OS/2 and adds Database-message sync point coordination (DMSC)
Network Computing Well-Connected Award Best Messaging Middleware
Byte Award – Best Connectivity IBM Deep Blue defeats Gary Kasparov 1997 Datamation Product of the Year
Faulkner Excellence Award
Codie Software and Information Industry Association Excellence in Software Award Best Middleware Product Over 1,500 certified MQ specialists
MQSeries V2.1 for OS/390 adds clustering and automatic restart
MQSeries supports JMS with SupportPac MA88
MQSeries adds support for XML
MQSeries V5.1 launched with dynamic workload distribution and multi-threaded channels
MQSeries Integrator V1.0 launched Millennium Dome opens in the UK 1999 Network Computing Editor's Choice and Well-Connected Award Best Messaging Middleware MQSeries Workflow v3.1 launched based on FlowMark
MQIntegrator – jointly sold by IBM and New Era of Networks
Yphise Best Inter-Application Messaging Software First XML specification released 1998 the 1990s 2000 EAI Journal Vendor of the Year
MQSeries Internet Pass-Thru released Over 5,000 customers using MQ
MQSeries for AS/400 V5.1 released France wins Euro 2000 ASPire Award Best in Integration
eAI Journal Solution of the Year (MQ Integrator)
WebSphere MQ re-branding MQSeries V5.2 released with clustering, 5x performance enhancements and extends support to over 35 platforms
MQSeries Client supports Linux First self-contained artificial heart implanted 2001 MQ adds SOAP support
Over 3,000 certified for MQ
Over 550 ISVs supporting MQ with software and services
Intelligent Enterprise Reader's Choice Award Winner
British Computer Society IT Awards Medalist Over 7,000 customer sites using MQ
WebSphere MQ V5.3 released with SSL support, JMS support, Linux for zSeries Brazil wins soccer World Cup 2002 During Wimbledon WebSphere MQ delivers 90 million messages to 4 million tennis fans providing virtual experience WebSphere MQ Extended Security Edition adds application level protection and remote policy management
WebSphere MQ Express brings messaging to mid-market companies
.NET Client support added
WebSphere Application Server ships with MQ as JMS provider
JavaPro Award – Java Messaging
Intelligent Enterprise Award Human Genome Project completes 2003 Over 6,000 certified MQ engineers
WebSphere MQ V5.3.0.2 evaluated for Common Criteria EAL2
MQ wins MacRobert Royal Academy of Engineering Award beating stiff competition from innovations like self-cleaning glass
MQ exhibition opens at the London Science Museum Mars Exploration Rover B successfully lands 2004 Codie Awards - Best Distributed Computing Solution WebSphere MQ V6 launches with JMS V1.1 support, new Eclipse Explorer tooling, 64-bit interfaces, SOAP support, Linux for iSeries/pSeries POWER platform
MQ used by over 10,000 customers sites moving 10s of billions of messages everyday Live 8 concert is staged 2005 WebSphere MQ V6.0.2 provides GUI for JMS, problem diagnosis tools and security management tools
GUI for Publish/Subscribe SupportPac
WebSphere MQ V6.0.1.1 evaluated for Common Criteria EAL4
All the top 10 banks in America and 90% of the Fortune 100 are using MQ
800 ISVs supporting MQ with software and services
Java Pro – Best Java Messaging Tool Japan beats Cuba in first World Baseball Classic 2006 Publish Govern Catalog SOA WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging V2.0 More than 8 million messages (< 120-bytes) per second
Very low latency of 30 microseconds for 120 byte messages delivered at 10,000 per second on InfiniBand MQ Service Definition published enabling SOA governance of MQ applications – supported by WebSphere Service Registry and Repository WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging introduced
HTTP Bridge SupportPac released Led Zeppelin re-unite for Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert 2007 Enter Messaging & Queuing
…A Kind of Magic! Existing Applications MQ Messaging Backbone
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