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The Human Body Jose Antonio

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on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Human Body Jose Antonio

The Human Body
Who We Are
Jose Antonio
5th Grade
Ms.Lambrix's Class

On this summative assessment I will show how three body systems enable me to play the sport of tennis & more.Also for this explanation I'll use three systems.The skeletal system,The muscular system, & The Digestive System.The skeletal system is useful to run & hit the ball because of its joints which allow movement.Also the muscular system is used two run, not hit the ball weak,also have you seen the professional tennis players that have really strong muscles. The digestive system is one of the main supportive systems because if you don't drink in between plays you'll get dehydrated or inclusive faint because of the lack of energy & protein.

The three body systems I used for the Function paragraph where muscular, skeletal ,digestive & now for the connection I'll use the nervous system to connect to each one of them.These named systems are connected to the nervous system by several reasons which aught to be mentioned in this wonderful prezi.Well as I was implying the nervous system is connected to the skeletal system because the skull protects the brain from any type of injury & the brain controls the nervous system.The digestive system is connected to this system because the brain controls feeding & drinking behavior for example the
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