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Beyond Courage

No description

Peter Soprunov

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Beyond Courage

Question #1
Explain in detail 3 details that the author used to explain the main idea of the text you read.
Answer #3
Question #3
Answer #2
Describe the main characters, setting, and plot of your book.
Answer #1
Detail One:
Good Bye!
I hope you enjoyed!
The Jews were constantly killed during WWII. Jews who lived in countries near Germany tried to move to America by bribing officials. In the Ghettos, the Jews lived on mostly stolen foodstuffs. In the labor camps, people pretended to be dead so that they could run away after they were thrown in the camp moat. the jews also built communities in the woods and underground where they lived during the war.
World War II: German officers going door to door slaughtering innocent Jewish men, women, and children. The jews are helpless... or are they? Learn the true story of one of the most horrible wars history as the jews build underground cities, steal 75% of the German armies supplies and work to end facisism, antisemitism, and the rule of infamous Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.
Question #2
Beyond Courage:
The Untold Story of the Jewish Resistance
During the Holocaust
by Doreen Rappaport

Welcome to my 30 Book Standard on Beyond Courage:
The Untold Story of the Jewish Resistance
During the Holocaust
by Doreen Rappaport

During World War II, two brothers built a community in the woods.
Detail 2:
In the Polish ghettos, people would live on the food they managed to steal by sneaking out of the ghetto through a crack.

Answer #1
Detail One:
Two brothers made a settlement in the woods for escaped jews.
Detail Two:
A man smuggled people out of a death camp by putting them in guitar cases.
Detail Three:
People in the Minsk Ghetto ate only what they managed to steal by sneaking out of a hole in the wall.
Look through your book and find at least 5 highlighted, bold, or unfamiliar words. Define them in your
own words.
Ghetto: I private settlement were the Germans put Jews if they thought that they could be of use to the soldiers.
Facism: The belief that one nation is superior to others.
Nazi: A member of the German Facist party.
Fuhrer: The leader of the nazis.
Munich: A city in Germany.
Question #3
Summarize the key information presented in the book.
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