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A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard

No description

Christina McCarty

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard

This is Jaycee Dugard's Story. She is the 11 year old girl who was taken on her way to the school bus. In her book she talks about the abduction and what happened to her for the next 18 years as she was kept against her will by Phillip and his wife Nancy. Phillip took her to be able to use her for his own personal sex slave. That isn’t what he calls it but that's what it was. Over the next 18 years Phillip did unspeakable things to her. He says he has a problem and she is helping him with it, that she is saving other little kids and she believes him. Jaycee wasn’t allowed to use her own name, she was know to them as Allissa. Jaycee was kept in their backyard at first where she had to use the bathroom in a bucket. Phillip kept her for a few months before he had sex with her for the first time. She was only 11 years old! Jaycee was taken when she was 11 and was pregnant with her first child at 14. Her 2nd daughter was born when she was 17. Jaycee lets you know how she really felt about what happened to her in the title of her book, A Stolen Life. Phillip and Nancy stole 18 years of her life from her. She felt compelled to write this book not just to help inform the readers but for other reasons as well. She wanted to expose Phillip and Nancy for the monsters that they are. She felt if in sharing her story she helped anyone else it would be worth it. Jaycee was rescued when Phillip took her and her daughters out to a college campus to hand out religious materials and campus security felt that something was off and took them in for questioning . In one moment she was taken and in one moment she was rescued. She was reunited with her mother and although wanting to share her story she also wanted to shelter and protect her two daughters as much as she could so in the book she only calls then A and G. Her target audience is those who may be recovering from a traumatic experience or anyone who is interested in her story Her Persona is this is her story, her life, what she had to go threw. She tells what she thought at the time and then in the following chapter she will explain how the situation looks now, how she has grown from it, and what she has learned. For example in the chapter called “Nancy Becomes Mom” (page 149) she explains how the girls were not allowed to call Jaycee, mom how they had to call her Allissa, all the questions that went threw her mind but was to afraid to ask them. In the Reflection she explains why Phillip made her do that, she gives facts about his health and the medication she now knows he was on. Its all from her memory but she does her research, in one chapter she gives the percentage of the population that is kidnapped and from that how many are children. In knowing what he did was wrong is how she plays on logos. At first you feel like it wasn't Nancy's fault she was just married to him but on page 62 Phillip went to jail on parole violation for one month, and nancy come in every day to feed Jaycee but she never let her go. which makes the audience believe she is just as sick as Phillip. Pathos is all over the book but on page 99 she tells about her first pregnancy “My body is growing every day, accommodating the baby inside of me. My ribs are being pushed out and its very painful. I can feel my body changing.” here is a little 14 year old girl who has no idea what is going on with her body. You feel the pain and fear she goes threw in this chapter, as she talks about how she is not quite sure what is going on but later in the Reflection she talks about how she was lost and could only count on Phillip to help. This book for me was an eye opener, I had heard of Jaycee’s story but I never really knew the full story. It made me realize that there are sick people in this world. I believe Jaycee was brave to tell her story and I respect her for that. I do recommend this book, its one of those books that can keep you up at night, and even worse its a true story.
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