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Engineering 112 USB project

No description

Fahad Al Jufairi

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Engineering 112 USB project

Texas A&M University At Qatar
Engineering 112 The End Any Questions? First Attempt The Orbiter Design Inspiration: Solidworks Features Used Second Attempt The Nose The System Assembly • Split command – Seperating the model into two entities

• Linear pattern – Patterning extruded cut windows

• Shell – Creating a thin wall which hollows the model to reduce cost

• Loft – Merging two shapes to create solid objects, such as the thrusters

• Chamfer – Providing a smooth surface for the thrusters

• Sweep– Extruding a semi-circle to create a cylinder-shaped surface

• Reference geometry – Adding planes to build new objects, such as the wings and tail

•Vertical rib –Providing support within the hollow space Most challenging things:

1 - Sketching on a curved surface
2 - Shell
3 - Creating the USB
slot Space shuttle USB cover (The Orbiter)
By Fahad Al Jufairi Pen that transformed into a space shuttle
Google image web search
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