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Human Geography Models & Theories 2

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Lesley Ugalde

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Human Geography Models & Theories 2

Lesley Ugalde
AP Human & World Geography Human Geography Models & Theories #19-30 19. Bid-Rent Theory Definition 20. Rank Size Rule Definition 22. Views on Globalization Definition Example geographical economic theory that tells how the price & demand on real estate changes as the distance of the Central Business District increases a bunch of land owners will compete with one another for land that is closer to the cities Example cities or towns are ranked by their size; the 'rule' says that if the population is multiplied by the rank than the sum will equal the population of the highest ranked city or town the population of a town ranked n will be 1/nth of the size of the largest city; the fifth town, by rank, will have a population 1/5th of the first Example Globalization: act of globalizing or extending to the other or all parts of the world
Views: look at or insect I'm guessing people point of view about extending to parts of the world 23. Agricultural/Cultural Hearths Definition Example Agricultural Hearth: areas where agriculture was started
Cultural Hearth: areas where culture was started Agricultural Hearth: the fertile crescent
Cultural Hearth: cultures near a water sources such as rivers 24. Agricultural Revolutions Definition Example development of crop & animal raising for food source to supplement hunting & gathering Cuba plants tomatoes & lettuces 26. Language Trees Definition Example group of languages related by common ancestors I am guessing like, most of the languages come from Latin 27. Universalizing Religions, Ethnic, etc. Definition Example a religion that tries to appeal to all people 28. World in Peril 29. Primary Economic Activities 30. Primary Shapes of Countries Christianity would be an example 25. Housing Style Definition Example traditional dwellings in certain parts of the world; such as Africa some African villages and Arab town have unchanged-traditional dwellings Definition Example activities where natural resources are taken out from the earth mining, farming Definition Example the shape of the country can determine whether it will make problems or unify the nation; five main categories: compact, prorupted, perforated, fragmented, and elongated. a compact state would be easy to manage because it is small Definition Example many parts of the world is having a huge increase in population that they could not handle having any more people I guess African countries could be an example; they are increasing greatly in the population there are having many problems
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