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Physical Changes During Puberty

No description

Amy Malone

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Physical Changes During Puberty

Physical Changes During Puberty
Sex Steroids start secondary sex characteristics
-Broadening of shoulders
-Deepening of voice
-Greasy skin and hair
-Mood swing/ behaviour issues (e.g. aggression)
-Increase in growth rate
First Stages of Gamete production at Birth
Testes are pulled into scrotum before birth
Beginning of the production of sexual hormones and sexual steriods
LH- Luteinizing Hormone
FSH- Follicle-stimulating Hormone

Androgen (testosterone)
Oestrogen (higher in females)
When Puberty Strikes!
The Menstrual Cycle:

Two Phases
Follicular Phase (approx. 14days)
Luteal Phase (14days)

Oogonia -> Female gametes
What is the average length of your natural menstrual cycle???
Breast Growth
B1 - Prepubertal
B2 - Breast Budding
B3 - Development of breast mound
B4 - Areola projects at an angle to the breast mound
B5 - Adult Configuration
Axillary Hair Staging
A1 - No Hair
A2 - Not quite adult amount of hair
A3 - Adult amount
Genital Staging
G1 - Prepubertal penis
G2 - Testes, no penile enlargement
G3 - Penile lengthening, development of testes and scrotum
G4 - Penile lengthening and widening
G5 - Adult genitalia
Pubic Hair Staging
P1 - No hair
P2 - Fine hair
P3 - Adult hair type
P4 - Close to adult distribution
P5 - Adult
Sex Steroids start secondary sex characteristics
Greasy skin and hair
Increase in growth rate
Mood swings/ behaviour issues
Vaginal discharge
Breast tenderness
How do you think Obesity effects Puberty???
Fun Fact:
Males Peak Height Velocity (PHV) coincides with the testicular volumes of 6-10mL and females PHV coincides with breast budding!!!

(The average height difference between males and females is approx. 12.5-14cm)
Fun Fact:
The Areola is the skin surrounding the nipple
Development of Spermatozoa
Spermatogonia ---> makes Spermatozoa

Most others parts in the testes remain inactive until puberty
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