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Health Care in Sweden

No description

Becks Berikashvili

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Health Care in Sweden

Health Care in Sweden Sweden Health Care System
in Sweden Swedish Health Care Overview Kingdom of Sweden Location: Northern Europe, bordered by Finland and Norway

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Capital (and largest city): Stockholm

Area: 449,964 sq km

Population: 9,514,406

Ethnic groups: ~20% of the population have foreign background

Distribution: ~85% of the population live in urban areas

Official language: Swedish

Major Religion: Evangelical Lutheran (Church of Sweden)

GDP: $ 538.237 billion
GDP Per capita: $ 56,956

Currency: Swedish krona The Democratic
System in Sweden National Government Elections to the parliament
The parlament elect prime minister
The prime minister creates the government Regional Government Elections to the country council
The country council elect the board Local Government Elections to the municipality (city) council
The municipality council elect the board National "Targets"
for Swedish Health Care Health care should be provided to all citizens on equal terms and according to need;

Should be under democratic control;

Should be financed on the basis of solidarity;

Should be provided in consultation with the patient, as far as possible. Swedish Health Care Financing Sweden spends about 9.1 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care.

The largest share of funding for the Swedish health care system comes from taxes. Patient Co-payment Amount of money paid per visit:

District nurse - 8-10 Euro
General practitioner - 13-15 Euro
Specialit Doctor - 25-30 Euro

Pharmaceuticals co-payment:

100% until 100 Euro
Next steps - 50%, 25%, 10%
0% over 200 Euro Health Statistics 72 % - taxes 18 % - grants from the national government 7 % - other sources 3 % - patients' fees Health Insurance in Sweden Public Health Insurence Public insurance in Sweden is universal, compulsory and treats everyone equally.

If you are legally resident in Sweden you will be covered. Private Health Insurence Private insurance is very low in the country, with only 3% of the population covered.

This is a reflection of the high level of care available within the universal state healthcare system. Organization of
Health Care Services State
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
Central government agencies Legislation


Evaluation, follow-up 20 County Councils
1 local authority Responsible for organising, offering and providing health and medical services to all residents

Promoting good public health 290 local authorities
(municipalities) Responsible for care of elderly and disabled

Support for people suffering from long-term mental illness Three political and administrative levels: Beka Berikashvili and David Baliashvili Presentation made by Thank You!
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