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No description

Maya Anderson

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of OWL TIMES

"I will take care of her egg until Siv gets back I just hope she will be back!"says Grank.
Soren and Coryn read on!
Friday,November 20,2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Ezylryb R.I.P!
To be Contiued.....
Grank and Siv are in a risk for their lives here,so to see if they made it go and read the book for your self and enjoy it.This has a lot,and I mean a lot of action and adventre,so go and read the series!
With Ezylryb's last breath he tells Soren and Coryn to read the legends in his library so they wil know what they are,and what they must guard,The Ember of Hoole, against.
Grank's Mission
Grank went to the Beyond the
Beyond to learn more about fire.
While in the Beyond the Beyond
Grank meets Fengo,a dire wolve,and
chief of all wolf clans.Together they
discover bonk coals and other things then,
one day,Grank finds the Ember of Hoole,
but soon Grank discovers fire sight,a point
at where in fire you will see things from
the past,future,and present in other places.
Grank discovers in the fire that Siv, the

queen of N'yrthghar, is in great danger,so
Grank puts the ember back into the
volcano and goes back to N'yrthghar to
the queen!

Siv now knows that her husband,H'rath has pasted and Lord Arrin is hunting her down with his own team of owls.So with Siv and her egg at great danger,Siv goes into hiding to keep safe.
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