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Using Google to Leverage your Teaching

No description

Ana Jimenez

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Using Google to Leverage your Teaching

Using Google to Leverage your Teaching
Before We Start
I'm going to need you to...
send me your email: ajimenez@pima.edu
set up a Google Account (if you don't already have one)
take out your cell phone
Google Voice
Why I love it:
I can send and receive texts from anyone, anywhere
I can connect it to any phone (caller sees Google number)
I can send mass texts
I can customize the greeting for groups (or individuals)
It's FREE!
Google Docs
Why I love it:
I can create a document and collaborate in real-time
It automatically saves the most recent version
I can review the edit history to see who has edited, when and revert back to an older version, if desired
I can access my files from any computer with Internet
I used it for online office hours
You can CREATE!
You can UPLOAD
email: ajimenez@pima.edu
G-voice: (520) 344-2624
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