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The Green Sea Turtle

No description

Mindy Brandli

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of The Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle Appearance Chelonia Mydas Olive Green
Black Yellow Sea Turtles have long, papery, thin fins that make them excellent swimmers. They can't put their head into their shells Where they live 300-400 pounds Some of the largest
recorded have been
up to 600 pounds. Top shell: Bottom Shell: About 5 feet long Tropical regions of...
Indian Oceans
Turtles migrate over a thousand miles, to return to the same beach from which they hatched, to lay eggs Highlighted area is the popular nesting sites of the green sea turtle Diet worms
young crustaceans
aquatic insects
algae Yummy stuff Nesting They mate every 2-3 years They lay their eggs in the same place they were hatched. They lay about 115 eggs They mate between June and September Sea turtles never leave the water except the females do to nest. They nest on sandy beaches, usualy where they were born Takes two hours to deposit eggs Teperature determines sex Types of Green Sea Turtles Alantic Green Sea Turtle
Pacific Green Sea Turtle
Europe and North America
Alaska and Chile Threats Ghost Crab Seabird Raccoon Dog Fox Gull Accidental Fishing Crab Pots Traps Long lines fibropapillomatosis known as FB Females won't lay eggs if there is predators boat propellers Development of marinas prevents feeding Artifical lighting Prevents females from laying eggs Or makes hatchlings go the wrong way People kill the Sea Turtle for selling the leather and their shells. Eating garbage:
Destroys their metabolism
Destroys digestive system
Oil spills
Infects respiratory system
Blood THE END Please help our Green Sea Turtle Bibliography
libary.thinkquest.org By Mindy and Natalie
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