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Jan Smuts

No description

Eman Moolla

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Jan Smuts

Jan Smuts
Detail 3
Jan Smuts was born on the 24th of May in the Cape Colony, to the respectable family of Afrikaner farmers. As a child he was shy and secluded but verging on his adolescent years, he attended Victoria College in Stellenbosch.
Early Life
He graduated and won the Ebden scholarship for overseas study at Cambridge University. He later travelled back to South Africa and began to practice law in Cape Town.

Jan Smuts was a major part in the transitioning of South Africa, it's culture and contributed to quite a lot of the nations history. He was included in events such as the Boer War, the Second Boer war, and the segregation issues. Most importantly, he is known to this day as a member of the League of Nations.
Smut served as a general in the Boer war and was appinted Field Marshall during the Second World War, but in between, he served many purposes and imposed many actions following up the formation of the League of Nations.
Jan Smuts, to this very day, is best known for his involvement in the League of Nations as it was one of his greatest accomplishments and establishments.
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