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the ghost of the lagoon

No description

Weston Waters

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of the ghost of the lagoon

the ghost of the lagoon Character Tupa: is a sea monster in the south pacific, he is also the antagonist in the story. Setting In Bora Bora South Pacific. Rising action When Mako was going to get bananas for his grandmother he was practicing spearing the coral thinking it was Tupa. Climax peak Mako is attacked by Tupa and he killed Tupa and brought the beast to shore. Falling action Denouement They all lived with out a beast out at sea terrorizing them and lived a awesome life in Bora Bora. Hello THE END By Weston & Grant Written by:Armstrong Sperry Afa: Makos pet dog that follows Mako where ever he goes. Mako: a child that lives in Bora Bora, he is also the Protagonist of the story. When Mako was doing that it was attracting the beast. He got the prize and used the 30 acres of coconut land for his family to drink the milk out of the coconut. FLAT That grandfather is worried about Tupa hurting any more people. example: Bora Bora is a island in the south pacific with a bunch of other islands in the South Pacific. Exposition It starts when Tupa is heard of by Mako. Then Mako's grandmother told Mako to get bananas at a local sand bar. next Mako gets the bananas and on the way back he killed Tupa the sea monster.The king gave him a prize which was 30 acres of fine coconut land. type of conflict the type of conflict is [man VS nature.] Point of view[POV] The point of view is third person because Mako is telling the story to the reader. Third person {POV} is when the person in the story is telling the story. [man vs nature] is a type of conflict that involves a person having troubles with mother nature. [POV] is how you see the story threw your eyes. Theme the theme of the story is practice makes perfect because he was practicing the coral and when Tupa came he had enough practice to kill Tupa. The definition of theme is the main purpose in the story. Mood,Tone,Style Mood is the feeling of the story. the mood of the story is sad because Mako's father got killed by Tupa and because the city is being destroyed by Tupa. Tone is the way the character speaks.In this story he talk's like he is sad because Tupa has brought harm to his family. Style is a tropical theme in Bora Bora South Pacific. Style is the felling of the story, example in hatchet the theme is to survival in the wild. The exposition is the order of the story. Rising action is when the story or book gets more interesting. Climax is the most interesting part of the book or story. Falling action is when the story is starting to wrap up and meet the ending. The denouement is the ending of the story also known as the wrap up.
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