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Communication and Collaboration

Thank you Alke Jenss for the wonderful template!

Dylan Bos

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Communication and Collaboration

Communication in life
Good Stuff About Communication
Good Stuff about Collaboration
Collaboration in Life
Communications helps let people know what is going on with you or something else
Communication is good for making friends
Communication helps teach people things
Communication is important for working with other people.
Communicate to express your feelings,emotions, or just make conversation.
Communicating is also great in a social environment
Collaboration and Communication go great together!
Collaboration is to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.
Communication and collaboration make the world a better place
Are needed in life
Without them, people would be arguing and shouting at each other. Or, they would simply ignore each other and work on their own without any help
Thank you Alke Jenss for the awesome template!
Use collaboration to work with other people on projects, or brainstorming
According to the Webster Dictionary, Communication is the act or process of using words, or behaviors to convey meaning

Some types of communications are:
It helps people understand each other and work with each other efficiently.
Minions link:
most pictures from prezi.
Video link:
Minions link:
Communication and Collaboration
By:Dylan Boselli, Joel Loikkanen, Samuel Wang, and Mark Guidry
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