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Adidas Social Project

No description

JP Remiendo

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Adidas Social Project

Adidas HQ - Herzogenaurach, Germany. Also known as "Adidas Laces" Adidas Commerical Heres a commercial for
one of Adidas star athletes. Where does all Adidas profits go to? Perspectives: Factory Workers: Adidas Factory Outlet - Herzogenaurach, Germany. This factory was built to fit its
natural surroundings. Was created by a German firm Kadawittfeldarchitektur. This building shows the culture of the Adidas brand itself. The outside of the building shows the 3 stripes.
3 Stripes just as the Adidas logo The shape of the walkways makes it easier to get around from office to office. It was also made to make
parking and delievery easier A forecourt has exented to the interior of the build cause of its curve shape. They use double shelled
industrial glass for sunshading
and supports. The building is anchored by a tower in the core, which makes room for advertising and presentations. Derrick Rose an NBA All Star player signed with Adidas Many other athletes have sign
with Adidas and gained many
endorsments. CEO: Adidas is a sports and apparel company. Founded in August 18 1949 and was named after the owner (Adi) Adolf (Das) Dassler (Adidas). Originally from Germany and eventually spreaded around the world. Adidas is also owned Taylor Made and Reebok. From Indonesian workers for Adidas have not been getting pay from Adidas. Being paid 0.60 in US dollars. In Indonesian Rupiah is 5860. Adidas owing over 1.8 Million US dollars. Adidas profit goes into several things. Some are trying to get athletes to endorse their products. They also pay their office workers. Office workers gain more pay and a more safer and sanitary workplace. While a small amount goes to the factory workers in other countries. In China, workers are forced to lie for safety inspections. They hide the extra workers in the bathroom, and have other workers lined up to make look more effienct. I think Adidas is being unfair to their workers in other countries. They are making it harder for the workers. Adidas is part of those "sweat shops" and having cheap labor for their products. Adidas is already having problems of not even being able pay workers. Consumer (Me): Me as a consumer I am a really big fan of Adidas. I usually buy their products such as shoes, clothing and sports gear. I thought Adidas was a very good company, selling good quality products. But i would never think Adidas would use those "sweat shops" to create their products. Also how they take advantage of their workers in other factories. Herbert Hainer is the current CEO of Adidas. He has been a member of the Adidas company ever since 1987. He has been at many marketing positions. I think Mr. Herbert Hainer believes highly of Adidas. Being with Adidas for 25 years he would think Adidas is a successful company throughout the world.
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