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JW - Bridgwater College

No description

Marie Cornish

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of JW - Bridgwater College

Priorities for the Post
My Experience
Julie Walker
Nursery Nurse

Residential Social Worker

Lecturer/Programme Manager/Advanced Practitioner

Community Learning Partnership Co-ordinator

Project Director for Learning and Development

Education Integration Manager
Leading the development of partnerships and vision for
the transformation of education

Change Management

Strategic ICT lead

Marketing and Stakeholder engagement lead

Strategic development of collaborative activities across Schools, Academies, Local College and Pupil Referral Units to improve outcomes

Adviser to SCC, re education and new nuclear development

Strategic lead and adviser to the Jean Rees Center

Certificate of Post Qualifying Studies

Certificate in Education

Certificate in Advanced Professional Studies

MA in Professional Studies (Ed)

PRINCE 2 Practitioner

Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner

Current Role
Understand the bigger picture to ensure alignment of systems,
procedure and culture

Get to know the College teams skills and knowledge and understand issues and opportunities

Build relationships, trust and gain mutual understanding and respect with all colleagues

Build on the College’s good relationships with partners

Prioritise areas of focus and agree targets and reporting mechanisms

Develop timely, efficient and effective methods of communication

Higher Education
Review and further develop a 3 year Strategic Plan

Analyse the quality assurance processes

Gain a clear understanding existing provision

How can the whole College benefit?

Identify relevant shared services to maximise resources across the town

Continue dialogue around curriculum needs

Support G&T provision
Brand the Bridgwater College Trust

Positive publicity in the wider community

Understanding each of the Academies Issues

Ensuring standards are raised

Ensuring there is effective communication and clear accountability

Ensure the current Academies market the College to potential Academy conversions
Academy Conversions
Marketing to potential conversions

Setting up project steering groups and workstreams

Feeder Schools
Working with others
Building Relationships

Efficient and Effective Communication

Evidence of process and progress
Understand current marketing strategies and their evolution

Identify the process that currently takes place in order to deliver the strategies

Identify the key deliverables in each medium, lead-in times who does what, when

Understand what does the data tell us, how is it gathered, what works and is it cost effective

Find out what do our customers think

Carry out competitor analysis

Review new technologies

Champion the brand

Head of Academic
Partnerships & Marketing
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