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Karen: Tomorrow Girls

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Karen: Tomorrow Girls

Tomorrow Girls: Run for Cover
By: Eva Gray
By: Karen Huaman
30 Vocabulary Words
1. Bash: To strike with a smashing or crushing blow/object.
2. Stash: Someone or something kept hidden. To be hidden or kept in a safe place.
3. Strides: Steps that are longer then the usual, to do this you must stretch your legs.
4. Scraggly: Something shaggy, uneven and irregular.
5. Prickly: It is like being tough and strong. Wanting to do something a lot because your goal was that and you want to achieve it.
6. Hierarchy: Something similar/like a chain of command or an organized network or business.
7. Jostling: To move, push brush or shove against someone or something.
8. Ransom: Information about saving your child because your child was captured or something like that.
9. (Usually) A surviving memorial/object from the past someone has found.
10. Idiotic: Something stupid and/or foolish. In this case a stupid and foolish idea.
11. Gloat: To rub something in or/and celebrate in someone's sadness and failure.
12. Canteen: A container (usually small) that is used to carry water or any other liquids.
13. Grates: Like a small metal bar door or wall that prevents you from entering or exiting.
14. Smothering: To dissolve, cover or suffocate an object or color, which in this case is color.
15. Fumble: To grope or take time to catch on or play along. Used with an object: To sort of fail in catching something like throwing it side to side and not having it certainly.
16. Frantically: To do something really fast and desperately with passion and excitement or the opposite.
17. Anxiously: To do something showing mental distress because of fear or danger.
18. Amused: Entertained, occupied or diverted on watching something but with pleasure.
19. Concerned: Affected, interested or given information tom know about something. Informed.
20. Hyper vigilance: Constant watch over someone or something, watchfulness, a lot.
21. Regardless: Showing no concern, no regard and unmindful.
22. Provide: To give what is needed. To supply someone or something the necessary.
23. Reluctantly: Not willing to do something or being unwilling.
24. Befuddled: Being confused, bewildered or dazed by an action.
25. Deluge: A huge amount of water filling a place;flood.
26. Relentlessly: Opposite of merciful. Something severe, harsh and unrelenting.
27. Longingly: To look with long persistent desire, craving, especially for something distant.
28.Dingbat: Silly or acting like an empty headed person.
29. Hydrangeas: A showy flower that is pink, blue or white and comes from the Saxifrage family.
30. Hibiscus: A woody plant from the Mallow family. It has large showy petals, it is also known as the China Rose.
Main Character of The Book: What makes this Person the Main Character?
The main character of the book "Run for Cover" is Rosy. She is very "different" to the other girls. For example: She was born in Mexico unlike the others and she knows what it is like to be really scared. She survived a tsunami! Plus she is more stronger and better at surviving then her friends. I think she is the main character because she is strong and confident. Also because she knows more about the I.D. bracelets more then the other girls, because she has been through that. Plus I think she is the main character because in Each book someone of the book is the narrator, in this book it is Rosy. It says a little about her life and ends in a hook! Anyways she is the main character because she is more...smarter you can say then the others. But in the end the main character changes!
Was the Main Character Good or Bad?
The Main Character in my Sci-Fi reading was good, in other words, Rosie was good. Rosie is the Main-Character in the book and one example from the book that proves that Rosie is good is that she is with Canada, not the Alliance who are the bad guys in this book. In fact, Rosie and her friends escape the school because they found out that the school secretly works for the Alliance! Another example in the book that shows Rosie is good is that she helps all her roommates escape not only her friends! The last example I will give that shows and proves Rosie good is that in the end when Maddie gets caught instead of leaving her behind and continuing on her way to Chicago she goes back with her new friends other then her "roommates" to save her friend.
Setting: Where does the Story take place?
The story takes place in many different places. These places are: The Forest, a training camp for the Alliance and a mall. First it would take place in the forest. There there are a lot trees and some rocks and boulders. But for our surprise a house too! In that time the girls have found the boys and went through a secret tunnel in the house and got all the way to the Alliance training camp. Where they find a truck heading to New York and get on because they want their destination to be at Chicago! 300 miles away from Chicago they get off the truck and run away from Gladys who has found them. Soon finding a place to hide they get in a mall. There they stay into the morning, when something really surprising and terrifying happens....a mysterious truck takes Maddie and their journey to Chicago will have to wait.
What was the Plot of the Book?
The plot of the book is that they, Rosie and her friends, find out that the school their parents sent them to be safe was actually a school that was secretly working for the Alliance! That is why they had to be training of how to survive outside and shoot arrows! But now that they found out this valuable information they must escape with only little supply of food. With all they have they will escape and get home, in Chicago. But that will take hard work because they are in Canada and they have to go by FOOT to Chicago. Not counting any problems they might have on the way there.
What is the Climax of the Book?
The climax of the book is in the middle. When they get out of the secret tunnel who took them to the Alliance training camp and they are stuck there during DAY when anyone can see them hiding in a room. But when Gladys, the truck driver sees them but suddenly...Evelyn makes this awesome imitation of someone important and they all sneak into the truck hiding behind boxes. This part made me go like o-oh but then like wow! But do you wonder what will they do now? That you must find out by yourself by reading the book.
What Makes your book a science fiction book?
What makes my book a science fiction book is: (Ex. 1) In the book it talks about some I.D. bracelets that let you buy whatever without using money. That is something from the "future" which proves this 1 example that my book is a science fiction one. (Ex. 2) Something else that says my book is science fiction is that the time period when all of what is happening is happening is in the future! It is a science fiction book! You don't believe me yet? One more example then! (Ex. 3) The last thing that definitely proves that the book I got is science fiction is that in the paper Mr. Poveda gave us it said one thing that shows the book is a science fiction book is tht it has SOME possible believable characters. There are some believable characters like Rosie. She is protective, aware and a leader! anyone can be like Rosie. Oh, and Rosie goes to school like everyone else and has friends and is normal and was born in Mexico like anyone can and had suffered a tsunami, but by that I mean someone could have suffered something else, maybe not as bad, maybe yes.
How Realistic was the Characterization?
In my opinion the some, not all but most of the characters were believable. Some, but very few, weren't believable because, for example: the characters that were like the principle or Gladys in the book, to me they weren't believable. Like in a train camp for some people in war Gladys wouldn't take orders from a teenager younger then her and without explanation. For me that wasn't believable! As well as some ACTIONS. for me not all people were not believable but sometimes in some scenes their actions of them, for me some of their actions were not believable. Like an example, for me some teenagers going through a secret tunnel in a log cabin in the middle of a forest all the way to a training camp and without getting caught sneaking into a truck and room in a building. For me all of those actions were not believable. But of course, that is my OPINION.
I would probably want to meet Rosie, the character that in this book is the narrator and in my opinion is one of the main characters. I would want to meet her because of what I know she has suffered some stuff and wanted to know more. Maybe some other details she left out. I would want to know more about her life because that really interested me. Plus I would want to know if she is really how it seems like all hard and tough or maybe she just disguises herself like that. Another character I would like to meet would be Evelyn. I would like to meet her because I would want to know where she gets all of these crazy ideas like that the school is secretly working for the "bad guys" of the war, or that they bugged the trees in the forest and stuff like that. That is the main reason I would want to meet her.
Would you want to meet any of the characters? Who and why?
Did you like any of the characters? Why or why not?
I liked almost all the characters of the book. I liked mostly Rosie, Evelyn and Drew. These are the three characters that were on the truck with the rest of their friends. I like Rosie because I admire how of a leader she is without getting scared and going back or actually daring to leave the school. I like Evelyn because I love how she has these crazy but wonderful ideas and really want to know how she gets these ideas. Also I like that she is very but very talkative. What I like about Drew is that he is suspicious. I like characters that are suspicious like him. I like how he suddenly disappears in a scene and Rosie finds him at a pay-phone with some change about to call someone. A character I dislike would be...I can't think of one. I don't really dislike any character. There is Alonso, Drew, Ryan, Rosie, Maddie, Louisa and Evelyn.
What are 5 Important things that Happened in the Book?
There are many different important things that happened in the book. One is that they figure out the school is secretly working for the Alliance who are the bad guys, the second one is the girls and boys find each other because the girls are escaping the school heading towards Chicago when they find the boys following them and they secretly go with them too. The third important thing that happens in the book is that they go through a secret tunnel to a training camp for the Alliance and get in a truck heading to New York but plan to get of at Chicago or at least near Chicago. So they hide in a truck behind a fort of boxes. The fourth important thing that happens is that when they get off the truck during DAY Gladys finds them so they all run away and find themselves in a mall hiding from a helicopter. But in the future pay phones and malls and many more stuff have been prohibited from using. The final last fifth thing that is important happens at the end of the book. When Maddie, Louisa's fake twin, is captured by a mysterious black truck driven by two people in black masks avoiding everyone but her!
What is your Opinion of the book?
My opinion of the book is that it is a very god and interesting book. It is probably one of the best books I have ever read and I would recommend it to anyone, better yet, everyone. But more people who are interested in some science fiction and action.
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