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Manuel Fernando

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of BALONES

Thank you for your attention! BAL NES A ball is a ball or balloon used in ball games and other games. The balls are usually spherical, but may have different forms, such as rugby balls or football. Some are elastic and light, such asfootball and rugby, which are inflated with air. Others are rigid and heavy, like golf and hockey.
In most games in which balls are used, the goal of the game is to manipulate the ball with body parts or with some tool and place it in a goal area, which varies according to each game. The leather ball was invented by the Chinese in the fourth century BC. The Chinese topped these balls with bristles. This arose when one of the five great rulers in ancient China, Fu-Hi, passionate inventor, cakes several hard roots to form a spherical mass which covered with pieces of rawhide. Had just invented the ball. The first thing she did was just play pass from hand to hand. Not used in tournaments. Mesoamerican cultures were the first to use bouncing balls, because they invented the rubber balls and latex.
In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Japan and Mesoamerica playing ball games.
[Edit] Aerodynamics Physical factors influencing the existing ball movement, and how and application of the forces for their displacement. These include, but are not limited to: the shape, the air volume, pressure, temperature, material, texture, etc..
The material of which a ball is constructed (see also: Azteca (ball)), both externally and internally also affects the weight of this scope and rebound, and this is evident in the manufacture of golf balls because its weight is equal.
The outer texture is an important determinant of the results of motion, for example, the seams of the ball used in baseball pitches are used to produce some desired effect. Another example is the ball used in football, where the number of seams and surfaces make the body a more or less perfect sphere, ie a classical ball of hexagons and pentagons, aerodynamically behave differently from one that has a number varying boundary surfaces, and this is evident in the ease of use or control a chanfle.Hay be noted that not all balls were round (a round if we only have one side without any edge), although this seems to be ridiculous the first ball had icosahedral forms which could "roll" the ball despite having sides.
Soccer Ball
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