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red goes sustainable

No description

Zulma Sofia Patarroyo

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of red goes sustainable

red goes sustainable

Sharing ideas
Sustainability principles
To become a sustainable society we must eliminate our contributions to the systematic increase of ...

substances extracted from the Earth's crust

substances produced by society

degradation by physical means
In a sustainable society people are not subject to systematic barriers to... (SPs 4 to 8)
Show CO2 emissions in the bottle
Being transparent about where the ingredients come from and what impact they have on the SPs
Hire people who are otherwise excluded from having normal work. I.e. social challenges
Import only straight from awesome, fairtrade, organic co-op farms with only sea and train transport.
use local apples
Hire expertise and create our own fucking amazing certification system both for environmental and social sustainability.
partner with artists in developing countries
only local ingredients for tea
have some activities in the places
where the ingredients come from
Biodegradable bottles and labels
Engange customers in creation of art.
use natural ink
Roy's Boys - apprentice programme for socially challenged youth. Initiative, accountability, creativity, mastering.
partner with socio-cological NGO's
Grow all the ingredients ourself in a farm, close to the end consumers.
only green powered production
Engage with our suppliers in understanding
more about sustainability
ABCD with the company that produces the drink
Roy's sustainable fashion line
Only sell to cafés in big paper containers

Do our own productions around the world, focusing on workers rights and excellent work conditions.
Move to a farm and start make home made goat cheese
be the drink for
We are Robin Hood, take from the rich - give to the poor
Give back to the countries where
you take your ingredients from
a sustainable release party

First brainstorm
make a space to share new art and culture in a new way
make more drinks from different cultures
make guerilla art
go open source with roys red
start cafe & comforting physical space where people co-create roys label
a festival
re-use packaging e.g. flower vase for bottle
sponsor bands and artists
customers design new product
partner with international ngos
involve in public debate (art, culture, equality, finance)
locally grown ingredients
200 art works per year on a bottle
bartering systems to exchange red for product - services
partnership with denmark burn
Sponsor urban planning conferences
patron urban landscape changes
a travel beacon focusing on connecting people through cultural expression
open source business model
solar panels with art
collect apple and make cider locally
platform to design food / drink products
make and sponsor sustainable foot ware in developing countries
use waste from products to make new lines e.g soap
facilitate workshops each month to explore actions
collaborate with organisations you don't like to inspire them
Understand the supply chain - social and environmental impact
Use waste from products to make new lines e.g soap
Facilitate workshops each month
Host a meeting with production facility around sustainability
Partner with international ngos
Chosen actions
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