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Math Teacher vs. Accountant

Digital Media Project

Margaret Mitschke

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Math Teacher vs. Accountant

Math Teacher vs. Accountant Career Research Project Starting Salary Accountant Math Teaching Occupational Outlook Salary Job Description Occupational Outlook From $47,100-$51,180 Job Description Making a curriculum that suits their their class level and state standards and recommendations. Using textbooks, technology and other resources, math teachers have to help students understand the subject area (algebra, geometry, calculus, etc.) It is estimated that teaching will have a 7% increase for occupational outlook from 2010-2020. Math and science teachers are in a much higher demand than any other subject area. $59,000 Organizing and verifying financial records and reports. Preparing for audits, refunds and budgets. There is an estimated 16% increase in the demand of accountants from 2010-2020. There are many job openings for both private accountants and accountants for businesses and firms. Education Requirements At least a bachelor's degree. This degree can
either be in teaching or in a specific area with teaching certification. Educational Requirements A college degree in accounting, along with 1-2 years of experience. Math Teacher vs Accountant Knowledge of state and federal tax regulations. Organizational skills. Organizational, creativity and people skills. Knowing more than one way to complete or solve problems. Skills/Abilities Needed It is a subject I enjoy talking and learning about. There are many opportunities to grow into positions like principals, department heads, etc. Insurance and coverage plans are also available. Advantages Steady hours, can advance steadily to higher and higher positions. A large amount of job openings and stability. Long hours of trainings, meetings, and organizing lesson plans. Smaller amount of pay in comparison to accountants. Longer hours during tax season, extensive knowledge of tax regulation needed both federal and statewide. Disadvantages Working Conditions Inside Schools. Very long hours, even in the summer. Am I suited for this job? I do love math, and can explain it well to others. I can also set up plans and believe I would do well with following a curriculum. Teaching may be something I am suited for. How is Technology Involved Knowing how to work with technology like computers, programs such Excel and Word, smart boards, calculators, clickers, etc. Working Conditions Inside firms and offices. Usually steady hours or until the work is done. Am I Suited for This Job? How Is Technology Involved Knowledge of changing tax regulations and rates, along with being able to electronically file and keep track of budgets and records. I am good with numbers and organizing. Accounting could be a very good job for me to pursue.
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