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" creativity "

No description

Eman Samy

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of " creativity "

what is the meaning of creativity ?
creative peoples
- why Steve jobs is considered one of the most creative people ?

- why the marketers are considered to be creatives ?
How to be creative ?
- what if u were a creative person ?
- what would you do ?
- what would you wear ?
- what would you listen to ?
- what would you read ?
- how would you approach problem ?
- can you see things from a different angle ?
Children & creativity !

why do you consider children creative ?
characteristics of the creative people
follow them and find if you have any of these ;)
1- they got inspired at the least expected moments
2- they day dream a lot
3- they get easily bored
4- they watch the world with the eyes of the child
5- they follow their hearts , even if often their minds think otherwise
6- when they are creating they got lost in time and space
7- they work when you sleep and sleep when you work
8- where most of people see a difficulty they see an opportunity
9- they fall in love with their piece of work and hate them the day after but they will totally love it 12 h later
10- they are always willing to learn , but will be extremely proud & confident once it becomes to their ideas and creation
11- they are always looking to new ways to express them selves
12- they procrastinate
13- they can observe the situations from different point of views
14- they have
15- Great observers
16- always make new experiences
17- they love everything , they love life, people, emotions , animals , beauty,..etc
18- they will fail and you can be sure they will try again
solution 1
solution 2
5 questions needed to be answered
Strategies to boost your creativity
1- Be Driven
2- study ur subject
3- strengthen ur confidence
5- steer clear judging ur self
6- make time
8- keep a journal
9- remember your inspirations
10- listen to what you love
11- change your atmosphere
12- think out of the box
13- stay away from distractions
14- make new definitions
16 - See it from different perspective
17- create a mind map
18-Ask for help
19- use visualization
20- stay curious
21- focus on the details
22- Ask what if !
23- explore your artistic side
24- think like a child
25- BELIEVE in yourself
How to use creativity in your life ?
Train your creativity muscles !
- THE key of creativity ....
- you can create !!
- just keep trying ;)
So Who wants to be CREATIVE ?

WHO else you consider him creative and
why ?
- Picasso said " every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction " , what do you think must be destroyed ?
is it possible to apply that philosophy in your life or place of work ??

activity time
" Envisaging the future "
=needed tools :

1- paper sheet
2- pencil

what is the difference between creativity , innovation and invention ?
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