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Brixham College - Learning & Teaching

No description

Tracey Hale

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of Brixham College - Learning & Teaching

Brixham College
Learning & Teaching Aims of the session
to refelect on learning at Brixham College
consider strategies and approaches to develop learning and teaching
Gain an insight into Building Learning Power

Teaching &
Implement and embed the
college learning and teaching policy Ensure students experience high quality learning and teaching, which is at least 'good' provide support & guidance for colleagues in meeting expectations of good or better promote the embedding of
SEAL in learning & teaching Develop Building Learning Power
and a consistent learning language
at the college How good is learning
and teaching at
Brixham College ? DATA Exam Results Student Voice Staff Voice Ofsted Classroom
Observations College SEF/
College priorities What do we want learners
at Brixham College to be like? Creativity Starters
students are provided with a
selection words / images and asked to
develop a 2 minute starter where pairs
will use question and answer Plenaries
Using four pieces of informaion
from the lesson create an image /
text/ song..... which reflects this.
Share this with a partner or group. Questioning
learners to create and ask
questions at
intervals not the teacher ?
Assessment for learning
Students create an Assessment task for
a visual , auditory and kinesthetic

How do we develop these
qualities, skills, attributes
with learners at
Brixham College ? Personalised learning
Accelerated learning
Active learning
'Brain based learning'
Thinking Skills
Opening minds
Co-operative structures
Building learning Power Building Learning Power
Guy Claxton

Inclusion and Personalisation.
'confident, capable, creative lifelong
learners'. 'Building Learning Power is a
suite of small adjustments to the
habits of teachers and the
organisation of schools, that add up to
change in the culture'. So far....

Working with the TLO
THAttending a 'Thinking schools Conference'
Steve Watson visited the college in July.
Steve Watson worked with SLT - Review Training
13th / 14th October Learning Reviwe
2010 - 2011...
December 9th - Faculty Leader Training
'Deep Learning' days. (Jan 4th / Apr 8th )
Whole staff training
Strands from the learning review
BLP with Year 7 students
BLP Parent Evening
Student Forum Parent Voice Governors The Learning Review
'the college will gain a unique
and objective view of the
quality of learning in the school
and how teachers are enabling
young people to learn effectively' 'Deep learning days'
a) Appreciate the range of learning
habits that capable learners need.
b) Develop a language of learning for
the college.
c) Identify current good practice in
light of the new curriculm.
d) Develop approaches to 'split screen
e) perfect teaching routines designed
to expand students' learning capacity.
f) Understand and develop ways of
assessing students' progress in
Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills

Reflectiveness At Brixham college :
A strong vision for learning
A culture which holds learning central to developments
Strengthen the link between learning and teaching
Professional development that builds the learning and leadership of all staff
Middle leaders who enthuse and motivate their teams with learning in mind
All staff supported in modelling learning to students
Teachers encouraged to develop themselves as learners
Approaches which engage parents in their childs learning
Move teaching and learning to 'Outstanding'
Impact on Achievement and standards

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